Dealing With Road Construction: 5 Safety Tips

Dealing With Road Construction

Americans spend on average 54 hours a year stuck in traffic. One of the leading causes of gridlock is road construction. You need to learn how to keep your cool and deal with road construction safely.

The safety of road workers is in your control based on your driving habits. This road construction guide will help you learn the basics of road work safety. Put the following 5 road construction tips to good use.

1. Check Road Construction Schedules

Most of the time you can find a state website that lists all scheduled incidences of road work. Websites like Tripcheck in Oregon give you real-time statewide road conditions via an interactive map feature.

This can help you plan around major delays and road construction events. It can also show you the unexpected delays caused by things such as inclement weather. You should always know before you go.

Other states might offer road construction schedules in a more basic text-based format. This can still be useful to you as a traveler and can help you factor in construction waits into your plans.

2. Check Google Maps

While statewide travel information websites can be great for major highway construction projects, they won’t help you with small side street construction events in your town. For this, you should consult Google Maps.

3. Use Your Hazards

If there is a construction event happening on a highway, you may need to slow down fast and without notice. If you are the last car in line behind a flagger or stoplight you should activate your flashing hazard lights.

This will help drivers notice you as they approach the construction zone. This can save you from getting into a rear-end collision.

If you do get into some sort of an accident in a construction zone, check this blog post to learn what to do next.

4. Always Observe Posted Speed Limits

Work zones always have a posted speed limit that is lower than normal. Be aware of what the speed limit is and stay below it. Speeding in work zones not only endangers road workers, but it can get you a hefty ticket.

5. Read Signage

Every road work construction zone is different and comes with different signage. Some have a flagger that will direct you while others use a pilot car.

As you approach a work zone make sure to take note of any signs and listen to what they say. The last thing you want to do is charge into a work zone with no regard for signage.

There could be a pilot car with a line of traffic coming in the opposite direction at you.

Be Safe in Construction Zones

Road construction is a necessary part of keeping transportation infrastructure in good condition. Unfortunately, it is also a major annoyance if it produces gridlock traffic.

Use the following 5 tips to make your road construction experience as safe and easy as possible. Always be alert and safe in a construction zone. For all your other news and information like this article, check back with our page for more!


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