Crystals and the Energy Chakras: How Crystals Bring Sublimity and Better Energy?

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought major metamorphosis in medical infrastructure. Today, taking care of oneself is not limited to outer appearance and physical well-being, but it also includes balancing an equilibrium between cognitive and emotional well-being. Energy healing is a revered healing therapy that rehabilitates the balance and motion of energy throughout the healing system by bringing balance and energy flow throughout the body, mind, and soul. The energetic healing courses online work in harmony with the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of physical and mental well-being. The energy flow in the body is restored and balanced with different techniques working differently to heal a person. There are various energetic healing courses online offering various Reiki, online crystals healing courses assisting you to channel spiritual energy. 

The energy healing schools work alongside conventional medical practitioners as alternative medicine clinics. Energy healers help clients with a plethora of ailments, from anxiety to chronic pain to post-cancer treatments. Energy healing is a holistic therapy program that incorporates massage therapy and acupressure. Here’s how to learn about crystals :

Black Obsidian Crystals 

This is for the root chakra, helping you feel more grounded. Place the black obsidian near your sleep setting or fall asleep with it near your hands to help suppress and associate yourself at the end of the day. These crystal stones are found anywhere near volcanic activity in places like the United States, Russia, New Zealand, Kenya and Mexico. 

Carnelian Crystals 

Often referred to as a second chakra stone, carnelian crystal provides emotional support for female reproductive issues. The moon controls the menstruation cycle; hence when you feel PMS coming, hold the carnelian crystals in your hand. It also helps to lie down and put the carnelian near your abdominal area. These crystal stones are commonly extracted from Brazil, India and Uruguay.

Citrine Crystals 

This is the third chakra stone with energetic power near the body’s centre, associated with creativity and wealth. Place this crystal on top of your stack clean $1 bills on your desk. This symbolizes new energy on the money coming in. These crystals are found in Brazil, Madagascar, Russia, Spain, Zambia and Uruguay. 

Rose Quartz Crystals 

Rose Quartz is the fourth chakra responsible for fostering positive energy. It enhances self-love, an affinity for others and helps maintain self-esteem and relieves stress and anger. Clean the rose quartz crystal using sunlight, sage or saltwater. Place the crystal near a crystal charged glass mister bottle and add drops of argan oil and rose extract oil. These stones are sourced from Germany, India, United States and Madagascar. 

Lapis Lazuli Crystals 

This is the fifth chakra stone that fosters speaking one’s truth with ease and confidence. Use this crystal stone to relieve your stress and hold the stone while practising speech and let the anxiety release into the stone. This stone is sourced from India, Brazil, Madagascar and the United States. 

Clear Quartz Stone 

This chakra stone is also known as the master healer stone. It simplifies the energy, vibrations and helps connect your elevated self, intuition and spirits. These crystal stones are commonly found in Brazil, United States, Himalayas and Peru. 

Amethyst Crystals 

This crystal stone helps you remove negative energy from your life and keeps “energy vampires” from your personal space. Place the amethyst stone in the water filter pitcher and consume the water. Ensure that the stone is clean. These are sourced from Brazil, Siberia, Canada, Argentina and India. 

Chrysocolla Crystals 

Commonly known as the Goddess Stone, the eighth stone of the chakra is associated with the heart and throat. It assists women in acknowledging the divinity of feminine power and helping calm the effects and allowing inner wisdom to surface. Place it near your room and visualize sending positive energy for a few minutes. These stones are sourced from Israel, England, the United States, and Russia. 


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