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You can watch popular TV shows from Crackle on your computer or smartphone. This popular streaming service was sold to Chicken Soup for the Soul in March 2019. The subscription service is available for free in the United States, Australia, and Latin America, but you’ll have to pay for the service in the rest of the world. Crackle is available for most modern devices, including computers, mobile phones, tablets, streaming devices, and some smart televisions. It also has a large catalog of movies.

The Crackle app is free to use and requires no sign-up. However, there are some drawbacks. It lacks offline downloads and doesn’t support DVR storage. It also requires a good internet connection to stream content. Crackle allows you to use the service on multiple computers in the same household. There are no fees for downloading content, so everyone in the household can access it. If you have a family, Crackle is a great way to watch TV shows on the go.

The web interface of Crackle is very functional, but the website could be more organized. The site also allows you to edit personal information, opt-out of notifications, and toggle captions and parental controls. The home page also allows you to search for TV shows. You can search for shows based on genre, title, actor, or producer. Crackle also allows you to browse by genre. It also suggests recommended content based on user ratings. This makes the Crackle web interface even more intuitive.


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