Considering a Sports Physical? What You Need to Know

As your child prepares for the new sports season, you may be wondering what you could do to ensure their safety. Arranging a sports physical enables your physician to detect any possible concerns and offer measures to ensure your child’s safety. Nonetheless, despite the common belief that McKinney sports physicals are only necessary for kids, adults too can benefit from one, especially when planning to ramp up their physical activity or join a sport. Continue reading to learn more, including what to expect during your upcoming sports physical.

What Is the Importance of Sports Physicals? 

Before the start of a sports season, you must undergo a physical examination to identify any medical concerns that could make intensive or routine training dangerous. Adolescents and adults alike may be apprehensive about undergoing a sports physical for fear that it may prevent them from participating in their sport. Nevertheless, even if the physician discovers a physical problem, they will typically recommend therapy or propose restrictions rather than prohibiting the athlete from participating in the sport.

What Should You Bring to a Sports Physical?

Some physicians will require a health history form to be completed beforehand. Whether you receive this form or not, the physicians at Redwood Family Health Center encourage reviewing your individual or family’s health records so that you may offer accurate responses during your consultation. To better plan for your appointment, listed below are some questions your physician might ask:

  • Have you ever had a bone sprain or fracture, or muscle strain?
  • Do you have a record of vertigo, chest discomfort, or fainting during physical activity?
  • Does any close relative have cardiac problems?
  • Do you suffer from any chronic illnesses, such as diabetes or asthma?

When Should You Schedule a Sports Physical?

Although not all sporting teams require physicals before permitting athletes to play, it is prudent to obtain one anyway. Arrange a yearly appointment for you or your child around six weeks before the start of the season. This period allows your physician to investigate possible problems, keep track of any health shifts, and if necessary, refer you to a specialist.

How Does a Sports Physical Differ From a Standard Physical?

Whenever a physician performs a sports physical, they look for issues that might pose a risk to participating in the sport in question. For instance, if you or your child hopes to make the track team, your physician may investigate any past leg injuries. On the other hand, a general well-being examination evaluates all elements of your wellness, including physical and psychological health using a more comprehensive approach. For this reason, arrange both a standard physical and sports physical for your child yearly to ensure optimal health and safety.

Many athletes, particularly adolescents, consider sports physicals as a pointless obligation. However, these physicals are essential for spotting potential concerns before they become a severe issue. If it is almost time for you or your child to set foot on the pitch, arrange a visit to Redwood Family Health Center. The expert physicians will perform extensive sports physicals to ensure you get the season started in the right direction. Call the Farmers Branch or McKinney, TX office or use the online scheduling tool to arrange an appointment today.


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