Consequences of Ignoring Your Torn Meniscus

Although a soft tissue that cushions your joints, known as the cartilage, is durable, it is susceptible to various injuries, resulting in chronic joint pain. Any joint in your body can suffer these injuries, but your knees are the most susceptible. Meniscus tears are the most typical knee injuries that affect people of all ages. Even though this condition is debilitating and can affect your mobility, this doesn’t mean your situation is inevitable since you can overcome it with meniscus tear manteca procedures.

While it’s a guarantee you will experience improvements after your treatments, most people overlook the importance of maintaining their knee health which can result in severe consequences.

How meniscus injuries occur

Your meniscus can be injured for various reasons, like any other bodily injury. First, you could damage your meniscus when twisting or turning while your legs are stationary or planted. Also, meniscus tears can occur when playing contact sports like soccer, baseball, or football. Lifting heavy objects on a slippery floor can also wreak havoc on your meniscus. Furthermore, since most body parts wear down with age, the meniscus is not exceptional. Meniscus is a common issue that affects most senior adults doithuong.

Although your meniscus tears range from mild, moderate, or severe, you shouldn’t hesitate to talk with your doctor since your condition can worsen and cause more issues. Here are the consequences of overlooking meniscus tears symptoms.

Worsening pain

When you suffer a moderate meniscus tear, you will likely have painful “popping sensations in the injured area. However, if your condition is age-related, your pain may come slowly and be less noticeable during the first stages. Because your torn meniscus won’t heal independently, you might experience worsening pain down the line. To make matters worse, snubbing to visit your orthopedic doctor can further worsen your condition. Besides severe pain, you can experience stiffness and swelling around your joint.

Progressive deterioration

Since your condition won’t heal independently, the injury will worsen without proper medical care. If you suffer a partial tear, it may worsen further and cause a complete tear. Furthermore, if you continue walking on the affected foot, your symptoms will aggravate, thus making the pain and stiffness get worse fast. Nevertheless, overlooking your torn meniscus condition increases your risk of developing knee osteoarthritis.

Reduced mobility

In severe cases, meniscus tears can impact your knee’s range of motion. Although you can initially bear the weight on the affected knee, you will experience reduced mobility later, especially if you ignore seeking treatments. This can cause an inability to straighten or bend your knee and sensational feelings around the affected knee. Worsened torn meniscus can make it challenging to perform your daily tasks.

Aggravated symptoms

Though you can bear mild symptoms of a torn meniscus, things can get out of hand when your condition becomes chronic. Besides affecting your walking ability, meniscus tear symptoms can aggravate and affect your quality of life. This can lead to severe stiffness and swelling in the knee, affecting your entire leg.

Considering the negative consequences that come as a result of ignoring your meniscus tears, it’s essential to seek medical intervention at all stages. While you may not comprehend the primary cause of your injury, don’t wait until your situation gets out of hand. Don’t allow knee pain to bar you from living a complete life. If you identify meniscus tears symptoms, don’t hesitate to consult your orthopedic doctor.


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