Connect With Family And Primary Care Providers For A healthier Family

For non-emergency medical illnesses, family and primary care doctors can provide wellness guidance, preventative care, treatments, and tests. Greensboro family & primary care at Triad Primary ensures that your family remains healthy and happy.

What are family and primary care?

Family and primary care are closely related medical specialties that address various medical needs. Family and internal medicine doctors are primary care doctors, making it challenging to choose between them. A primary care provider is your primary treatment source for the basic medical requirements.

To ensure the overall health and wellbeing of your family, visit Triad Primary Care and connect with professional but compassionate caregivers. The caregivers address acute diseases like sinus infections and chronic medical conditions like asthma, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Your primary care provider may also recommend seeing specialists such as a gynecologist or gastroenterologist.

On the other hand, family medicine caregivers offer basic medical services to your whole family. A typical family care doctor undergoes training that prepares them to take care of both adults and children. You can also inquire from your doctor about pressing health concerns or preventative care measures. The caring team at Triad Primary Care offers several services that focus on your general wellbeing at any age. They also create a solid bond with you and your loved ones to ensure that you are comfortable expressing yourself without fear.

What do family and primary care involve?

Everyone has unique and complex needs that need individualized care. When it comes to your health and wellness, you need a physician who can address any medical concern or refer you to a certified specialist. Beyond alleviating your pains and aches, your doctor provides comprehensive medical care, including:

  •                     Physical examinations

A thorough physical examination is crucial in determining the root cause of your symptoms and identifying the appropriate treatment. This exam also helps evaluate the overall status of your health and allows you to discuss your health concerns or current symptoms.

  •                     Sick visits

If symptoms persist or worsen, you can also create a sick visit for your loved one. Triad Primary Care offers walk-in visits for acute medical concerns such as fever, sore throat, and cough.

  •                     Labs and testing

Some medical conditions may require X-ray imaging to identify underlying needs, blood work, strep testing, and flu testing. Your provider may conduct these additional lab tests to provide an accurate diagnosis.

  •                     Chronic disease management

You can get yourself a primary caregiver at Triad Primary Care to help you manage chronic medical conditions like diabetes and hypertension

Who can benefit from family and primary care?

Primary and family care specialties stand out because they apply to people of all ages, meaning you, your children, grandparents, and parents can get medical care from the same provider. Your provider takes the initiative to familiarize you with your family and understand their medical history, preferences, and lifestyle for customized care.

Call the Triad Primary Care office or book an appointment online to explore family and primary care services.


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