Connect With A Pediatrician For A Healthier And Happier Child

Nurturing and ensuring your child’s general health and wellness can be a demanding responsibility. But with the help of a pediatrician, the burden of monitoring your child’s health significantly reduces, making your parenthood enjoyable and stress-free. Harbors Community Health Centers has several specialists at the San Pedro pediatrics office whom you can partner with in nurturing your child’s health.

Who is a pediatrician?

A pediatrician refers to a medical expert who offers physical, mental, and behavioral health care services to children, young adults, infants, and adolescents. You can connect with a pediatrician before or during pregnancy.

Children and teenagers undergo rapid emotional and mental changes outside a family doctor’s expertise. Pediatricians detect medical conditions in teenagers and children and offer primary care to help them overcome their physical and mental challenges.

Several pediatric subspecialties include pediatric cardiologists, pediatric oncologists, child abuse pediatricians, pediatric nephrologists, and child abuse pediatricians. You can consult with any of these specialists concerning your child’s health.

What does pediatrics entail?

Pediatricians deal with many health conditions ranging from health and wellness screenings to monitoring complex diseases. Pediatrics may involve:

  • Providing general health advice
  • Treating injuries such as sprains and fractures
  • Evaluating your child’s social, physical, and emotional development
  • Physical exams

A pediatrician may also refer you to other pediatric specialists if necessary. Pediatrics also involves the treatment of cancers, congenital and genetic medical conditions, and organ diseases. Pediatrics involves the immediate treatment of illness and long-term effects on your child’s survival and quality of life. A pediatrician may be the solution to your child’s depressed mood and sickly appearance.

What should you expect during a pediatric visit?

During a pediatric visit, your provider may review your child’s medical history and discuss the current issues to create a treatment plan. The caring team at Harbor Community Health Centers may also measure your child’s blood pressure and weight. They may also conduct general examinations to examine your child’s nose, ears, throat, and eyes.

 After a comprehensive exam, your provider may educate and guide you on managing your child’s health. The health management tips may include regular exercise and eating a healthy diet. Towards the end of your session, the team may allow you and the child to ask about issues you need clarity on.

When should you take your child to a pediatrician?

A pediatrician should be your partner in ensuring your child’s general health and wellness. You may not always know whether your child is healthy or has development issues. In most cases, you may not realize that your child has underlying medical conditions that only a pediatrician can detect.

Regular visits to your child’s provider help in the early detection of health conditions, increasing the success chances of treatment. You should not only reserve a pediatrician for when your child is unwell; pediatricians are a priceless resource in ensuring your child’s wellness.

Schedule an online appointment or call the Harbor Community Health Centers office for more information about pediatric care.


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