completing one hundred runs through the Chaos Sanctuary

Stay tuned for today’s content, in which I will be doing the decline highlights of 100 chaotic shelter runs, as that is what I will be covering. I need to finish the first half of these runs before I can access this new content, so I’ll get started on those right away. About twenty of these runs will involve wind druids, and the other eighty will involve necromancers who call upon exploding corpses as their servants.

I am constantly switching things out because I do not have equipment that is in perfect working order. I’m just going to try a few different things to see if we can find more magic or if we want to use more skills and other things of a similar nature, Diablo 2 ladder runewords for sale and then I’ll switch the players around. If we find more magic, we can use it. If we want to use more skills, we can. It is difficult to gain as much experience as is physically possible because a significant portion of the reason I manage the actor reserve is to improve the overall level of these characters. This makes it difficult to obtain as much experience as is physically possible. I ended up choosing three players as the winners of the Druid position, and five players as the winners of the undead wizard position. However, now there needs to be a lot of trading because most magic discoveries fall between 250 and about 330, so this is a very good range here. In the end, I decided to cast three players in the role of the undead wizards. Because of how exciting this moment is, you should not leave until it has passed. Make sure you don’t miss any insane godlike descents that could be taking place. You may have noticed that there is actually not a running counter like the one that is normally found in the upper right corner of the screen because I am currently holding those things and we need to catch up with it. The reason for this is because I am holding those things and we need to catch up with it. This is because I’m running a test right now to see whether or not I want to try it out with the wind druid when I make my very first attempt at it.

A rune depicting a seagull was bestowed upon me. Since this has already been decided, let’s not waste any time getting the chaos shelter set up and operational. In spite of the fact that it got off to a very slow start, I was still able to glean a lot of charm from Diablo. My son Kane is the obstacle that stands between me and receiving assistance. Despite the fact that I have a large number of scrolls, I do not possess anything. On the other hand, I am hoping that some of them will evolve into flawless gemstones, and that I will be able to throw 45 life-killers here.

The fact that it is not at all typical is the lone factor that stands out as the most significant. Due to the fact that it is an illusion as well, we can say that it is an illusionary spawning of a dark force, which is an extremely uncommon occurrence. It is unimaginably uncommon. Step 22 should now be repeated. The necromancer is traveling alongside us in this adventure. I give every item a careful inspection to determine whether or not there is something that I have neglected to take into account. Oh, I see, you’re referring to something specialized there. I’ve missed some monsters.

In round 26, I’m having some kind of issue with my lights, but I have no idea what the problem is. I have no idea what the issue is. It’s the same as having dark shadows, having an evil Phil, or having some other uncertain things, but now we have a set of corona, Diablo 2 runes which is Griswold’sbravery. Despite the fact that it does not serve any particular purpose, the task of locating rare things is one that I enjoy because of the inherent difficulty they present. Run 29. This is where we bring an item back to the living world from the afterlife.

Either it is complete garbage, in which case I do not want it, or the divine magic from World of Warcraft level 25 is extremely difficult to find. Either way, I do not want it. At this juncture, I’m seriously wishing for a score of forty points. We’ve finally made it to 38 points, but getting there took an extremely long time; this may take an extremely long time as well. You have to understand that what I’m doing at this very moment consists of running for bouts that last for almost ten minutes each. It is not at all unusual for melee characters to have a maximum attack level of 19 points, so this is not particularly noteworthy. I was given a minor spell from the game Diablo 3.

As a result of the fact that this demonic belt is one of the best options for melee characters, it is also one of the best options overall. What you see here is a string of different sized ears. In addition to that, it has eight life leeches and can reduce damage by up to fifteen points. It’s pretty neat to look at. Now that we have completed a few rounds, we are in a position of prosperity, and the chaos shelter was the site of a truly devastating home run for us. Although this is a good location to acquire a high rune, you never know what kind of rune you’re going to get here.

Before giving this one another look, we are going to put this one on hold for a little while. As a result of the fact that I am very, very excited to purchase an Omron in the chaotic shelter, so let’s take a few deep breaths and get this place in order. After the tenth iteration, we see a discernible drop in the dust crowd, but this one in particular is an outlier. Because you are wearing an Omes robe, it goes without saying that you should always have excellent skills. It’s true that operating a fire hydrant is not one of my strong suits; I just can’t seem to get the hang of it.

At level 50, Diablo gives us another belt that is superior to all other belts in a variety of different melee builds. This belt can be worn by any character. This belt is the most superior belt in the collection. The integrity of this belt has been compromised in some way. It’s an ear string, which is an accessory that can be considered to be pretty cool to have. Additionally, it has the ability to reduce damage by 15, which is quite useful.

Oh, man, it seems as though we’ll be in need of a specialized Aldrich sphere right about now. It all comes down to a roll of three skills, and if you don’t have them, then this whole thing has been for naught. Okay, well, hopefully the next time we try this we’ll have more success. Another object is going to be brought to the casters so that they can examine it.

The fact that it took me so much time to find a vibration makes this one the equivalent of my fourth singles player, despite the fact that I just recently acquired another one of these here. I can’t tell you how relieved I am that this is not going to be my very first one. This shako exudes an air of ethereality all on its own. Because I discovered it after Shako, I want to ensure that I keep noticing it in a few minutes, even if it isn’t the first instance of its kind that I’ve encountered in Diablo. If that’s the case, I’ve come across something in Diablo that’s very similar to it before, but I didn’t really pay attention to it at the time.

This is the Frostburn hand guard, and it combines splendidly with those Nova energy shields in terms of effectiveness. The maximum amount of mana that can be held has seen a boost of 40 points. We are going to skip this round and go straight to the next one. This grants us access to a respectable rare ring attack level, in addition to double leeches and some lightning team members. Moving forward, attention is going to be paid to me. We are hemmed in on all sides by a cinder block wall built in the traditional style.

Take a look at what I did in that other location, and you’ll see that the situation will be fine here. You ought to appoint a rune to represent you. Another unmatched landscape was unearthed by our team here. I’d be grateful for a Mars after we’ve completed this activity several times. I only need one of them, so you can choose whichever one you want. It makes absolutely no difference to me which way it leans. Give me a Mara.

What form it will take in the future. It is essential to make a mental note that the sun is beginning to rise. On YouTube, you can now give away memberships in much the same way that you can give away subscribers on Twitter. In other words, we now have this ability. It’s pretty neat, but Amara is still going 84 miles per hour at this point. In light of this, if you are interested in having a good time, you should pray that you will be blessed with good fortune and that someone will be kind enough to give you one of their memberships. It is imperative that you tune in to this channel at the appropriate time because I will be live streaming there.

It makes no difference to me whether or not we complete these last few groups of runs located here, but run number 96 is the location where you can find those special boots. They are the optimal choice for all characters who engage in close-quarters combat. There is not a top-level portal under my control that connects to this location. It is imperative that you confirm that for me. Those boots are obviously bloody riders, which can counter the fatal blow and open the wound, which is why we put an end to this series of runs; therefore, you shouldn’t take off. Attacking my boy Kane once more, those boots are obviously bloody riders. Guys, after finishing the 97th run, we were presented with another Rune as a reward. Although it is not a particularly high rune, this rune does have a nice room in the middle of the pack.


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