Common Pest Birds To Be Aware of!

Pest birds tend to be annoying. In order to take measures against their elimination from your houses, contact Stride Pest Control for their professional services. Here are some of the commonly observed pest birds in the United States. 

Common pigeons

These birds can be easily identified through their red feet and gray and black plumages. They tend to have black bands all over their wings and tails. They generally tend to be about 1 foot in length. Do you like doing greens? Sometimes they feast on human food as well. They generally use trash cans for their food sources. Their nest can be found above the ground. They generally reside in areas that are spacious and secure. They can be found in small crevices of the house. The danger With this kind of bird is that they bring other insects with them. A pigeon increases the presence of fleas, mites, ticks, and lice. Along with that, their dropping is known for containing various bacteria and illnesses like salmonella, his door plasmolysis, cryptococcosis, and toxoplasmosis.

Their prevention can be done by fixing all the crevices and spaces in your house that can be used as a nesting location by pigeons. Make sure to add obstructive substances and blocks in the roofs to stop them from nesting. Make sure to use garbage cans with coverings that are properly closed off.

European Starling

Starlings are about 7 to 8 inches big. They tend to be dark and shiny in summer. Their beaks are yellowish in appearance. The plumage tends to get lighter in the winter, and their beaks appear grayish. Starlings consume seeds and invertebrates like larval insects. However, they are also observed to consume food from garbage cans and trash left on the street. They also FaceTime fruits which causes great harm to agricultural practices. Starling under fecal matter leads to the development of disease-causing fungi and bacteria, which are known for harming steel and other substances used for building. They are extremely loud and travel in large numbers.

Their prevention can be done by closing all the crevices and small spaces present in your house. Make sure to trim your trees regularly so that they cannot be used for nesting. Add obstructions in your roof and other areas that can be a potential nesting location. Close all the trash cans and practice cleanliness in your house to avoid still water. If you have kept Bird Feeders, make sure to add elements that starlings and pest birds do not prefer.


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