Common Myths That You Should Stop Believing About the Testosterone Treatments

Your body has many chemical processes that keep you alive. The conversion of food to energy through metabolism is one of those crucial processes. Your hormones are the ones that control those chemical processes for the optimal functioning of your body. You may not notice the existence of these chemical messengers until they start falling short as you age. For example, reduced testosterone production can lower your sex drive, thus undermining your sex life. 

The good news is that the low testosterone specialist Fairfield can help you boost your hormone levels through testosterone replacement therapy and restore the quality of your life. While anticipating the testosterone treatments, below are myths that you should stop believing.

Women Do Not Have Testosterone

Many people believe that testosterone is the male hormone which is not the case. Although this hormone is prevalent in men’s bloodstream, testosterone is crucial in women’s health. Essentially, it is one of the steroid hormones that boost women’s sexual health. It is worth noting that testosterone is more than estrogen in the female body.

Testosterone Only Boosts the Libido

Some people might have claimed that this hormone only improves the individual’s sexual drive. The reality is that testosterone does more than that. Like other hormones, they act as chemical messengers in binding to certain receptor molecules. This instance explains why the low testosterone level has other effects on the body, such as muscle loss and physical fatigue.

The Testosterone Treatments Will Trigger the Liver Complications

Some patients anticipating testosterone replacement therapy are concerned about the safety of this treatment. They are worried that the treatment will ultimately cause liver damage. However, with the advancement of modern medicine, non-oral testosterone treatments do not pose any threat to the liver since they bypass the liver effectively.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Is Not Necessary

You may think that since your parents never sought these treatments, you do not need them, but you are mistaken. Every individual experiences a change in hormonal production at some point in life, although the effects may vary from one person to another. To many people, these adverse effects hinder the quality of their lives.

Therefore, you should pursue these treatments without comparing your experience to those of other people. Consider the annual checkups for testosterone levels to stay in tune with your overall well-being.

Your Lifestyle Cannot Interfere With Your Testosterone Levels

While testosterone levels reduce naturally with age, some lifestyle habits can increase the degree of hormonal fluctuation. For example, a sedentary lifestyle can make you overweight, increasing the risk of reduced testosterone levels. Also, some medications, like narcotic drugs, can temporarily alter testosterone production.

Therefore, you should embrace healthy lifestyle habits to avoid sudden fluctuation in your testosterone levels.

Low testosterone levels have many adverse effects on the body. Reduced sexual urges and muscle loss are some detrimental effects that can hinder you from living fully. Fortunately, you can alleviate these concerns through testosterone replacement therapy, which helps boost the testosterone level in your body. 

When preparing for your appointment, the above-busted myths will help you clear the air about these treatments. For example, if you are concerned about the safety of your liver after these treatments, you will learn that they cannot damage your liver.


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