Common Myths About Laser Hair Removal 

When it comes to hair removal, there are many options available. You can shave and wax, which are the most common hair removal methods, but the hair comes back quickly. Removing hair manually over and over can become tiring and irritating. Moreover, shaving can cause itching and bad ingrowths. Waxing also causes itching folliculitis. 

Laser hair removal at evolve md wellness & aesthetics med spa is a revolutionary method that promises long-term results. While people usually associate laser hair removal with pain and high costs, the reality is different. It is important to debunk the myths and separate them from the facts to allow oneself to learn the correct things about a procedure. 

Common laser hair removal myths

  • It makes hair grow thicker and more frequently. 

This myth is related to the fact that shaving causes your body hair to grow more dense and faster. However, it is not true. Laser hair removal does not cause your hair to grow dense. In fact, after a few treatments, you will see that your hair growth has become significantly thicker and less frequent. The hair that grows back is much finer and lighter than before. 

  • It is not safe. 

While it is understandable that there is a certain concern associated with laser devices, facilities must use only those approved by the FDA. It is recommended to get the procedure done only by certified dermatologists who use FDA-approved devices and techniques to avoid complications during or after the process. 

  • It has the same effect on everyone. 

Laser hair removal does not have the same effect on every one since everyone has different hair. How the treatment will react to your hair depends on your hair type, thickness, color, and your skin type. Before going through the treatment, meet with your doctor to determine the type of results you can expect. It is important to conduct an assessment beforehand anyway. 

  • It has radiation. 

Laser hair removal systems and devices do not emit radiation at all and are thus safe for everyone. There are FDA-approved systems, and none of them have been shown to increase the chances of skin cancer. 

  • It removes hair permanently. 

No. Laser treatment uses laser energy to damage the hair follicles in their growing phase. Clients are required to go through at least 6-8 sessions for a more permanent result. It is recommended to get one treatment after every 6-10 weeks. 

These are some of the most common myths circulating in the laser hair treatment industry. To book your session, call an experienced dermatologist today. 


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