Common Misconceptions Revolving Around Egg Donation

When discussing different health concerns, you cannot omit infertility. This issue occurs when reproduction conditions hinder your capacity to give birth. You will know you are infertile if you fail to conceive twelve months after regular unprotected sex. Being unable to bear children can trigger depression in the victims due to societal stigma. The good news is that through egg donation from a private medical practice Newport Beach, you can give birth to a healthy child and realize the family size of your dream. When anticipating egg donation, here are myths you should never believe about these services.

Egg Donations Will Deplete the Egg Supply

People are concerned that egg donation will lead to the depletion of eggs in the ovary. This notion has hindered some women from donating their eggs. However, the reality is that the donation processes do not take more eggs than what your body produces naturally. During egg donation, the specialist will give you medication to stimulate the development of eggs in the body. The specialist will only retrieve ten to twenty eggs. This small amount won’t make you run out of eggs.

The Procedure Is Painful

While some patients may experience slight discomfort, egg retrieval is not agonizing. Egg donation involves undergoing injectable fertility medications for around eight to twelve days. The point here is to stimulate your ovaries to produce as many eggs as possible. These injections only have mild discomfort, which feels like a sharp pinch. Other patients have reported low abdominal cramping, but these effects recede within a few days.

Egg Donation Is Just for Money

Some skeptics argue that the whole thing behind donating the eggs is to benefit financially. While donors will receive financial compensation, money is not the only driver of the donation of the eggs. Notably, egg donors are committed to helping individuals struggling to give birth. This sincere desire could spark from the donors knowing a close relative who experienced the same struggle. Many donors have reported profound emotional satisfaction after extending a helping hand.

Egg Donation Is Time-Consuming

Some people claim that the egg retrieval process is always lengthy. The reality is that the type of egg donor agency will dictate how long the procedure will take. For example, the procedure can take more time when donating the egg through the traditional egg donor agency. This agency requires you to wait until your eggs match the recipient’s interests. However, there is little wait time for agencies with frozen donor egg banks.

Egg Donors Must Have a Relationship With Their Offspring

You could fear receiving the donated eggs thinking that the resulting offspring will have a tie with the donors. However, the legally binding contract defines the procedure’s terms and conditions. For example, the contract outlines that egg donors should not have any legal rights to the resulting embryo once they undergo egg retrieval. Also, you cannot ask for child support from the egg donor after the process.

Fertility concerns are more common than you think. Infertility occurs when you cannot get pregnant after twelve months of unprotected sex. If you are a victim, you can get a healthy child through egg donation services, thus making your dream come true. Also, if you wish to donate eggs, this is the best time to look for a credible egg donor agency. This procedure cannot deplete your eggs since the specialist only collects ten to twenty eggs in each cycle. Contrary to popular belief, egg donation is not painful


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