Choosing the Right SPF for Homes: How to Beat the Heat This Summer

Choosing the Right SPF for Homes: How to Beat the Heat This Summer

The summer season comes with a lot of heat and as a result, sweaty bodies. No one likes sweating all through the day during these heat periods. Since summer isn’t a period we can skip, the best way is to plan for it. While there are many methods to beat the heat during summer, using sunscreen is one that has worked overtime. However, sunscreens have different SPFs, which I’ll discuss in this article. Also, see here for the best Colorado springs flat roofing company.

  • How to choose the right SPF for homes
  1. Because of the high demand for sunscreens during summer, there are different types of sunscreen products across the globe. Each of the sunscreens has its different constituents used in its production. But the one you should try to buy is the sunscreen that has an indication, “broad-spectrum” This type of sunscreen is recommended by the American Dermatology Association.


  1. Check about the SPF rating: The main aim of buying sunscreen is to protect your skin during summer. For the UVB rays, a rating indicating how much sunscreen can protect your skin from the ray is known as SPF. As the SPF rating increases, the sunscreen has a higher chance of stopping UVB rays. A sunscreen with an SPF 15 rating will protect you from 93% of UVB rays, while a sunscreen with SPF 30 rating will protect you from 97% of UVB rays. The American Dermatology Association advises people not to buy sunscreen with an SPF rating less than SPF 30.


  1. Study your skin type: Your skin type should also influence your sunscreen decision. If your skin has a lot of oil already, the kind of sunscreen you need is a non-comedogenic one, because it doesn’t stop your skin pores from releasing the oil. If you have dry skin, you should choose a sunscreen that contains some hydrating agents as part of its constituents.


  1. The method of application: Another thing you should consider when choosing sunscreens is the method of application. Sunscreens come in different forms, and as such, different applications. You can get sunscreen as a lotion, a spray, a gel, or a stick. However, you should choose an application method you’re comfortable with since you may need to apply your sunscreen frequently.
  • Other Ways to Beat Heat This Summer
  1. Dress lightly

No matter how sophisticated you love to look normal, you need to reduce the sophistication during the hot weather. As much as possible, don’t choke yourself up with too many outfits at a single time. You have to give your skin a little space to express itself. However, if you’ll be in the sun, you should get ready to apply your sunscreen to protect the exposed skin.

  1. Wear sun-protective clothes

There are specific types of clothes with the sole goal of protecting your skin against the sun rays known as sun-protective clothes. Since they may cost you some investment, you can always make do with darker clothing, which will take in the heat on your skin’s behalf.

  1. Use sunshades

Your eyes are one of the most affected parts of your body when the sun is scorching. You have to keep looking to continue your everyday life. In a bid to protect your eyes and the skin around the eye, what you can do is wear eyeglasses. While they help you protect your eyes against the sun’s rays, they can help complement your outfit. So you’re getting better looks with eye protection.

  1. Wear hats

When you wear glasses, some other parts of your face can get affected by the sun. To further protect these parts of your face, you can use a hat to block the other part of the hair. When you have a hat on, your face is safe from the sun rays.

  1. Choose water

Thirst is a common need that comes with the heat in summer. Of course, you’ll always get tempted to put sugar-filled drinks and others in your system. However, your best option is to drink water to keep hydrating you throughout the day.



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