Choosing The Best University Between Rotman And Schulich

MBA is a degree for students aspiring to study about management and administration. A student can acquire a top-notch job organization if he/she attains a degree from top university. If you complete MBA from a recognized institute, then you can join any organization as a manager or administrator. Some of the reputed universities providing quality MBA education are Stanford Business School, London Business School, Wharton school, INSEAD School, HEC Paris etc. Rotman and Schulich are two leading business schools providing quality MBA education. Which institution is better? Rotman vs. Schulich Mba.

Comparison between two institutions Rotman and Schulich

The Rotman institution provides 6 PG programs to the management students.  The Schulich School of Business provides 9 PG programs, UG Programs and a doctoral program. The cost of tuition fees of Rotman institution is higher   than the cost of Schulich institution. In Schulich, they admit more students than Rotman. The Rotman University access the TOEFL score, IELTS score and GMAT score of the students. The Schulich University accesses TOEFL, GMAT, GRE and IELTS score of the students. To join Rotman University, a candidate should possess 4 years of work experience. The Schulich University expects 5 years of work experience.

The students should consider the following points before choosing Schulich or Rotman University:

Internship program

Rotman Business School offers better and flexible opportunities to the students to complete a 4-month internship period.


The Rotman University does not allow the students to switch to part-time mode from full-time mode. But, the students of Schulish School can easily convert.


The candidates of Rotman are easily placed in top organizations of the world as the course-curriculum is utmost rich. But, the students of Schulish School may not be placed easily in top organizations. The students of Rotman acquire rich practical training than the students of Schulish.


The school of Schulich offers 20 majors to the students for specialization, whereas Rotman College offers 14 majors to the students.

The Rotman School is known as a global research center providing academic excellence to the students. They focus on innovative and transformative learning creating higher value for public engagements. The Schulich School offers cutting-edge programs to the students.  The Rotman School of Business offers specialization in subjects such as healthcare, Leadership Life, Finance, consulting, behavioral economics, etc. The Schulish school of management offers different areas of specialization such as Social Sector Management, Business Administration, Juris Doctors, and Global Retail Management etc. The Rotman School of Management provides opportunities to the students who require distance education, full-time students and working professionals. They provide two full-time MBA programs to students. one session is conducted in the morning and other session is conducted in the evening. The Schulish school offers opportunities to the students who want to switch from full-time MBA to part-time MBA. The full-time MBAs can complete their course within 8 months also. So, considering the following points, the candidates are deciding Rotman vs. Schulish mba

But both the schools follow the same rules for admission. The students can choose Rotman or Schulish university considering the above-mentioned points.


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