Chicken Nang Delivery Manila

Nang Delivery Manila

Nang delivery Melbourne is the name of a famous Thai restaurant situated on the corner of Flinders street in Melbourne, Australia. It has quickly become one of the top dining establishments in the city. This Thai restaurant started back in 1988 and offers an array of dishes from the country, although primarily it serves Thai food. The atmosphere of the restaurant is quiet casual with the staff being mostly women, though there are a few men around as well. There is some wonderful, fresh seafood available at Nang delivery, with a variety of proteins and vegetables to choose from.

Pleasure of dining at Nang:

I had the pleasure of dining at Nang a while back when I was in Melbourne on business and had the pleasure of reviewing the various dishes and seeing their appetizing appearances. My waitress was extremely polite and helpful with my requests for help and was always ready to go to meet my requests. The staff was especially neat and I felt respected as I dined. I had the pleasure of dining on a special evening, having decided to go along as my husband and friends from work had agreed to try out Nang and see if I liked it.

Delicious dishes on offer:

Nang Delivery Melbourne has an array of delicious dishes on offer, all with a wonderful aromatic broth that is known to have excellent health benefits. One of the most popular dishes served is the Pad Thai which is made from two types of noodles; the ones that are seen in Thailand are called phin. These noodles can be seen in many shapes such as: tube, long noodle, thin noodle, thick noodle and so forth. To make this dish, you only need two types of noodles. Mixing this with a few other ingredients such as egg, oil, vegetables and whatever seasonings you like then just bake it. It is incredibly fragrant and delicious.

First dish:

My first dish of the day was the Pad Thai, which was of a very mild nature, very tasty but not too spicy. It came with vegetables such as: onions, spring onions, carrots, chicken, mushrooms and of course Nang soup. Nang soup is a traditional soup from the Philippines that has a wonderful aromatic flavor and can be used to flavor many dishes including rice and noodles. My mom often makes this when she’s feeling under the weather and loves it as it is soothing. She would even add in some pieces of meat or fish.

Spices added for more flavor:

As with the Pad Thai, it comes with a savory broth which is made from beef or chicken stock with various herbs and spices added for more flavor. Once the noodles are cooked they can be sucked off with a straw, savored and served with brown rice or with salads. The best way to eat this soup is just right out of the bowl, with the aromatic essence of the noodle still lingering in your mouth. Nang delivery Manila makes sure you don’t miss out on this delicious dish, as they serve it whenever you order.

Enjoyed the Pad:

As for me, I enjoyed the Pad Thai so much that I ordered another one the next day. I found that the noodles were a bit chewy at first, but that they were softer after cooking. It came with an awesome Thai sauce and a savory duck egg white that I was impressed by! For lunch I decided to try the Beef Nang Delivery and wow, was I glad I did! This dish didn’t have that strong of a flavor but the taste of the noodles and the sauce were delicious! It wasn’t bad like I had anticipated, but it definitely had its moments and didn’t seem to be that great when served on its own.

 Nang Soup:

For dinner I decided to try the chicken Nang Soup and again, was very impressed! It has a nice flavor that goes well with the noodles, but also has a nice kick of spice to it. I would venture to order this soup any day of the week, because of the flavor. One thing I will note though, is that with all of the ingredients they use to make the soup, the noodles sometimes come out a bit dry. It wasn’t too annoying, but might be a problem if you are looking for a moist noodle soup.


Overall, I am very happy with the Nang Delivery Manila experience. I got to try some awesome dishes and they all came out hot and satisfied. I would give them a five-star rating as the service was wonderful, the food was delicious, and the prices are perfect. If you are in Manila, I would definitely try some of their chicken noodle soup.


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