Cell Phone and Computer Tracking App: TheOneSpy Review

Let’s face it, we all need tracking apps these days. Yes, there might be all kinds of taboos and tribulations affiliated with the word, but you really do need to ‘spy’ if you are really concerned about safety and security in this increasingly digital age.

You could be a parent who wants to make sure that their child is safe from all kinds of perils that come with the virtual world. You could be an employer who wants to protect the interest of their business, which is directly linked to how your employers perform on the devices that you have provided them. No matter who you are, you have tracking needs.

Furthermore, the increased digitization means that there are a growing number of operating software and platforms in which people log in. This also means that there is a rising count of the kinds of devices that are used.

Therefore, depending on your individual needs, you could need best spy app for android that works on mobiles, tabs and computers, and at the same time can cater to Android, iOS or Windows. And ‘work’ here doesn’t mean that it should be able to perform basic functions. You need your app to be at its best no matter where it is downloaded and used.

This is where TheOneSpy comes in.

A cross-platform mobile and computer tracking app that has taken the spy software world by storm, TheOneSpy is one app that offers you the best quality features regardless of the device you’re targeting and no matter the platform being used.

In a world where far too many apps let you down either on mobiles, or computers — if not on both! — TheOneSpy is just as good on PCs as it is on cell phones. And, again, ‘just as good’, means simply the best cross-platform tracking app out there.

Now let’s look at some of the features that absolutely work wonders on both mobile and computers. The review comes, as always, with my personal guarantee.

TheOneSpy works on the latest Windows, iOS and Android devices. Among its many high quality features is the Spy 360 Cam, which on its own covers much of your tracking needs. The 360 Cam will allow you to live stream anything from the camera of the device. In case of mobiles, this means access to both the front and back cameras, which in turn means that you can literally view everything that is around the device, in real time. It’s a 360-degree live stream that you can just play whenever you want on your dashboard.

The cross-platform app also allows you to record whatever is happening on the screen of the device itself. Yes, you can remotely view everything that is being done on the device, but also record it as evident. Like the live stream, all the recorded activity will be showed on your dashboard, which will always be a click away.

However, one of the features that I dig (pun intended) the most is key-logging. Just as the 360 degree allows you to see everything there is to see around the target device, the key-logging feature allows you to read anything that is typed by the keyboard of the device. Absolutely anything.

So, not only does that mean that you can read the texts sent and received through the phone, or indeed the various social media apps and messengers that are used these days, you can also know all usernames and passwords typed on the device. Yes, in case you install the device before the password is set or changed, you can know the password of the device itself. Again, the key strokes will just be there on the dashboard, which you can access remotely, whenever you deem convenient.

This cross-platform app that works seamlessly no matter where you use it , will give you access to the target device’s images, videos and all the sites that are browsed. Furthermore, any app that is downloaded and used will be right there for you to check out as well.

No matter whom you want to track or keep tabs on, TheOneSpy will let you rest assured that no device or platform glitches will come in between you and your target device’s protection.


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