Car Oil Change Service Importance

There are car experts everywhere around you, but it is still recommended to listen exclusively to the advice of a professional car mechanic. The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is that an engine oil change is necessary for all kinds of cars. At professional car service Bangalore, such work is performed according to the regulations, and an experienced mechanic will advise you on any question that arises. Unless, of course, this is not just a roadside car workshop, but a proven car service with excellent quality of services guaranteed.

Why do you need an engine oil change 

Here we are not going to talk about how to perform the replacement correctly. The fact is, we believe that it is necessary to perform such services in a dedicated car workshop. However, we will tell you the importance of the procedure and if everything is in order.

What is engine oil for?

“The engine is the heart of the car”, you may have heard this statement multiple times. So, if we compare it with a human heart, then oil, perhaps, has similar functions as blood circulation through the heart. Now let’s focus on the engine’s working more specifically.

The internal combustion engine can be easily defined by the friction inside the unit and increased loads. Without proper oiling, its parts can start wearing out, with scored walls. In addition, proper lubrication also stops the engine from overheating,

Why change is important

Here are some of the reasons, although the list is huge:

  1. Proper oiling ensures the engine is free from polluting elements that can form with regular operations.
  2. It can significantly reduce the scuffing, but the fuel quality must be good.
  3. It helps maintain the balance between dynamic performance and economical fuel consumption.
  4. Helps reduce the frequency of regular car service.

When oil changing becomes necessary 

Firstly, let’s split this question into two parts. After all, both new and old cars require a different approach to this problem. Let’s consider each of them.

 What is the mileage required to do maintenance of the engine systems of a brand new car?  

The maintenance of a car’s engine that has recently rolled off the showroom is different from that of a used car. The new car needs at least 5,000 – 7,000 km of the run before the moment comes when engine oil change becomes necessary. In this period, all rubbing parts of the car’s engine are finally run in. However, it is necessary to remove the engine running-in products, such as fine metal shavings or primary soot. 

Used car service 

All the older cars need an oil and filter change every 10-15 thousand km. However, if your car is running more than that, it is recommended to replace it much more often using car repair Bangalore. Because it is not the car’s mileage taken into account, the hours worked by the motto.

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