Botanical Skincare Products and What are the Benefits of Using Them?

How do you find self-care products or cosmetics that are not harmful; especially ones that do not carry chemicals? Botanicals are the perfect substitute for those of you who do not like chemical products. But what really are botanicals and how can they help you? Keep reading to find out.

What are Botanicals

Botanicals or botanical skincare are cosmetic or a personal care product that is made using plant part such as roots, leaves, fruits and flowers. These plant-based products are used because of their healing and medicinal properties. If you are someone who is concerned about the ingredients on your self-care products or looking for organic products, trying out a botanical brand such as salt by Hendrix is a better alternative for you.


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Anti-aging Properties

Botanicals are known for their effect against many of the health issues we face in our daily life. One of them is that, they are known to fight premature aging due to the antioxidants present in them. These antioxidants are effective against the harm caused to skin by the UV rays.

Sun exposure is one of the main reasons behind premature aging, causing wrinkles and skin degeneration. The plants used in the botanical skin care products help to promote the production of collagen on skin, helping to keep it soft and glowing.

Prevents Inflammation

They also can help the skin maintain a healthy pH balance and preventing the activities on the skin by bacteria and microbes. As a result, this stops the inflammation on skin. This is done through phospholipids, an anti-inflammatory substance present in plant products.

This is also a good remedy for those of you who have very sensitive skin. Most of the time, sensitive skin prevents us from using cosmetics or skin care products. Products that are too harsh on the skin can lead to redness, itching and inflammation. This can be easily avoided by replacing chemical-based products with plant-based products. In fact, Korean skincare brands like, Cosrx, are gaining popularity for this reason, as they are formulated are free of alcohol, chemical fragrances, sulfates, and other unnatural ingredients that irritate your skin.


Another healthy effect it has on the skin is maintaining the hydration level of the skin. Dehydration on skin leads to problems such as flaky or itchy skin. Botanical products can create a protective layer over the skin and protect it to retain water. So, if you are worried about dry skin, try plant-based oils. By hydrating the skin, these products also help to keep your skin supple and well moisturised.

How to Use

Botanical skincare products are available in the market in many forms. There are oils and serums that can condition and repair the skin. Cleansers made of plant-based products can be a replacement for chemical-based cleansing products that are too strong on the skin.

Botanical cleansers are often anti-inflammatory and can sooth the skin. You can also find face mists and face masks to add some extra protection to your skin. These helps to soften, rejuvenate and purify your skin.

If you are tired of using products that always leave your skin red or cause breakouts often, why not try switching to botanical skin care? You can try new products without risking unknown chemicals on your skin.


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