Benefits of Gum Reshaping

The gum line might impact your smile, and it is easy not to give a second thought to the gums. Unfortunately, an imperfect smile will affect your self-esteem, and your dentist might provide a long-lasting solution for the uneven gums. You should look for a New York periodontal reshaping dentist to deal with too high, low, or uneven gums. Here is why laser gum reshaping might be ideal for an irregular gum line.

What Is Gum Laser Reshaping?

Laser reshaping is an in-office dental procedure that contours the gums making them symmetrical around the teeth. The dentist will customize the gum line using a laser gun which reshapes and removes excess gum tissues to expose more teeth enamel. The procedure is minimally invasive and does not cause excessive bleeding as the laser seals the tissue.

Are You Eligible for Gum Reshaping?

You may be eligible for gum laser reshaping if your gums are uneven; the uneven gums may occur due to genetic factors. The uneven gums may occur due to prescription medications and inflamed gum tissues. You would get the procedure if your teeth are susceptible to tooth loss and gingivitis; contouring may be effective as it improves your oral health.

It Exposes the Crown

Laser gum contouring is aesthetic as it exposes the teeth crown to create a brighter smile by exposing the teeth and removing the excess gum strips. Even if you don’t have excess gum strips on the laser machine will shape the uneven gums, resulting in an even smile. A crooked smile might impact your self-esteem, and you can improve your confidence by exposing your teeth’s roots. Laser gum shaping may reduce the effects of tooth decay, bone degeneration, and periodontal disease.

The Health Benefits

Although most people opt for laser gum reshaping for aesthetic values, it has health benefits. The gums may trap food particles making it difficult to clean the teeth; the trapped food feeds the bacteria in the mouth. Thus, the high gums make it easy to get gingivitis and tooth decay. People living with high gums are more likely to report regular gum irritation; therefore, your dentist may recommend gum reshaping when you have complaints related to dental issues. A gum reshaping may be ideal before getting crown lengthening and gum pocket reduction as it preserves the existing teeth.

Gum Reshaping Is Minimally Invasive

Gum contouring is minimally invasive and will not result in excessive bleeding as the laser seals the gums. Moreover, the procedure involves a single visit to the dentist. The doctor may use a scalpel, laser, or radiosurgery to reshape the gums. Laser gum reshaping is painless, but some patients may experience soreness and swell around the gums, but the discomfort goes away with time. If the pain from gum reshaping persists, you may take pain killers to subside it.

Final Thoughts

A high gum may impact your dental health, leading to gingivitis and cavities; fortunately, you can reshape the gums to improve your health. Laser gum reshaping might be minimally invasive as the laser seals the wounds preventing excessive bleeding. Your dentist should provide customized gum reshaping to avoid dental issues. Good luck finding an expert who can reshape your gums.


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