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Socializing and making friends is very easy for you if you are trying to be funny. All people are not naturally funny, for those people have to struggle in social situations. Don’t worry, you can improve this skillwith a little practice and get all benefits of your life.Do you ready to be funnyand make some friends? Thenyou have to start by going places where you can meet new people and have fun. Then you can practice starting conversations, keeping them going, and inserting humor. You have to overcome your nerves by improving your social skills and building your confidence.We want to give you some guidelines, these guidelines will help you to be funny at a social gathering.

Be Funny:

To be funny, you have to focus on the person you are with, not another side. If people feel that you are ignoring them, they will not want to keep talking to you.So, you have to keepyour focus on them, not your phone. It will make them see you as a more interesting, caring person, and they want to talk to you. You cannot share jokes at the first meeting. You have to make a suitable situation for sharing social jokes. So, this technique is the best way for you. Pleaseturn off the sound on your phone when you are out socializing. You shouldnot check your notifications while you are in a conversation with someone.For this common sense, you can make the best time for showing any social puns. These are social manners. If you maintain these manners, you can be funny at social gatherings. When you want to converse with someone, you should identify your best qualities, so that you can improve your self-esteem.

Everyone is unique and interesting in society, to be a funny person, you have to recognize your awesome qualities. So, make a list of your talents, skills, interests, and physical qualities immediately. This process will help you to improve your confidence level. Body language and eye contact are the main themes of conversation. You have to use open body language. For this reason, people think you are the more approachable person. Keep your smile and eye contact in the conversation time because without a smiling look, you cannot show your funny mood. You have to use good posture by straightening your back and shoulders.

If you adjust these processes, you can build your social skills slowly.  When someone wants to talk to you, you should talk in a laughing mood. You have to talk deeply so that they can realize that you are a friendly person. Then you can share your funny moments, social jokes, or social puns with them. For this reason, they think of you as their friends and you will get new friends. If you make clean jokes, you can improve the relationship with your loving person.


At the last step, we can say that as human beings, we have to live in a society. We can make fun to live together. The funny jokes and puns are the best way for us. We should know these jokes and puns to make social bonding.


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