Are You Wearing Cologne Wrong? How To Wear Cologne the Right Way

Are You Wearing Cologne Wrong

Fragrance plays an essential role in how others perceive you. You could even say that it’s as integral to your personal style as your favorite jeans or must-have accessories.

But, to use its power to your advantage, you need to know how to wear cologne correctly. More importantly, you need to know which perfume mistakes to avoid. We’re talking splashing on your fragrance just before you head out, or rubbing your wrists together after you spritz them.

Keep reading to find out why these are both big no-no’s and what to do instead!

Spritz Right After a Shower

One of the most common cologne mistakes is spraying on your fragrance after you’re all dressed and ready to go out. The trouble with leaving your cologne until last is that most of it will go on your clothes rather than your skin.

Instead, you should apply it right after your shower to your bare skin. When you’re naked and fresh from the shower, your skin is untouched by fabric. Applying your cologne at this moment ensures that it becomes one with your skin, complementing your body’s natural scent as it should.

Start With One Application

Not sure how much cologne to wear? This is a common problem for men and women alike who often underestimate just how powerful their chosen fragrance is to those around them.

For example, this bottle of Thierry Mugler Alien on is a strong perfume that won’t need as many re-applications as a light and airy eau de toilette.

But, while you’re still figuring out how much perfume to wear and how strong your chosen scent is, play it safe with one application to start. You can always apply more later if and when the fragrance starts to fade.

Know Your Pulse Points

Do you spray your fragrance in the air and walk into it? Or do you tend to spritz cologne on your wrists and rub them together? Although these two application methods are common, they’re also some of the biggest perfume mistakes around.

Spraying perfume up into the air will waste a lot of it. And, when it does settle onto your body, it’s more likely to hit your hair, face, and shoulders than anywhere else. Instead, you should use it on your pulse points, including your wrists, behind your ears, and on your chest. These points are where the most heat emanates from your body, releasing the smell of your perfume and ensuring you get the most out of every spritz.

But, whatever you do, don’t rub your wrists together! This rubbing disrupts the chemistry of the notes. Instead, wait for your cologne to dry, leaving it until the last possible moment to cover your pulse points with any clothing or accessories.

How to Wear Cologne the Right Way

Do the cologne mistakes we revealed above sound familiar? If so, at least you’re now a lot clearer on how to wear cologne the right way. And as a result, you can be sure that your confidence and attractiveness will both increase no end!

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