An Effective MBA Essay Format to Follow

Do you feel exhausted whenever you have an MBA essay to write?

Don’t worry; we are here to assist you. We will tell you how to create a proper format for an MBA Essay.

Essay writing is a common activity among high school and college students. Every student has to write an essay in their academic life from time to time regardless of their study area (stream). In the same way, MBA students need to write essays assigned by their professors and teachers.

If a student does not know how to write and format an essay, it seems too difficult for them to attempt the essay. So, the right format strategy plays a crucial role in effective essay writing.

In this blog, we will explore the steps to make an ideal MBA essay format. You should consider these steps in your essay writing.

Let’s talk about an MBA essay and how to write it in a perfect format.

What do you understand from an MBA Essay?

An MBA essay can be known as an MBA application essay or MBA admissions essay. Such essays are considered as part of the MBA admission process, and students need to submit them as part of the process.

What is the purpose of writing an essay?

As it is part of the admission process, to take admission to a renowned business school, a candidate needs to write an MBA essay. Admissions committees need to filter out candidates except for their GPA or test scores. From the written essay application, they find out which candidate is perfect for the program. Your MBA essay defines you and tells you who you are?

Effective points for an MBA Essay format-

Know the essay length: You should know the word limit before writing an essay. The length of an essay depends on the requirements of the institutions, some business schools require one page, whereas some require a two-page essay. You may be given a word length such as 1000 words. You just need to write a 5 paragraph essay and try to make it short.

Formatting Tips: You should follow some basic formatting tips while writing any type of essay. You should leave some white space(margins) around your text. One-inch margin along four sides is good to appear. Use an easy-to-read font like Times New Roman and Georgia.

Structure your Five paragraphs:

Your main concern in essay writing is to outline your paragraphs. You need to create an effective MBA essay format for your best. In an MBA essay, 5 paragraphs should be there. Your paragraph should be like-

Paragraph 1. Introduction

Paragraph 2. Body

Paragraph 3. Body

Paragraph 4. Body

Paragraph 5. Conclusion

You have to divide the content of your essay into these five paragraphs.


Your introduction should include-

A hook line

Main Idea

Thesis statement.

Your introduction is the first and important part of your essay. The introduction should start with the hook line( fact, anecdote, quote, saying, etc.) Then you have to represent your main concern and a thesis statement followed by it. 

In the thesis statement, you need to tell the reader what you are going to write. Make a neat and short introduction, don’t use complex sentences in the introduction.


As you know, you are required to write 3 body paragraphs in your MBA essay. In each body paragraph you need to write-

Topic Sentence- first line should be related to your topic.

Main Idea: Present your main idea in the next line.

Supportive Idea: Include a supportive idea to support your point of view.

Elaboration: Elaborate your ideas with the help of studies, surveys, and examples.

Sum Up: Then, in the last line, sum up your idea in a single line.


 It is the last paragraph of your essay. Remember, your conclusion should not be too lengthy. It should cover the central idea of the topic and thesis statement. It should be concise and clear rather than complex.

Do proper research-

In order to write a good essay:

  1. Do proper research on your topic.
  2. Use online( blogs, websites) and offline resources(Books, textbooks, newspapers, magazines, etc.) to find out ideas.
  3. Don’t forget to note down important facts, studies, discoveries.
  4. The evidence is needed to support your point of view.

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Start Writing: After the outline, your essay, don’t waste your time. Start writing it as soon as possible. Follow all the guidelines and instructions given by the institutions. Take short breaks in between your writing.

Filter your Essay: When you have done your writing, now it’s time to filter or edit your text. Check your spelling, grammatical, connotation errors and modify them. It would help if you revised your essay to find out the bugs in it. Try to make it flawless with the correct text, punctuation marks, grammar, etc. 

Submit your Essay: Now, the final thing is to submit your essay within the guidelines. Ensure you have followed all the instructions and rules in order to avoid any type of problem.


In this blog, we have given you the tips and steps on making an effective MBA Essay Format. NO doubt, it is not an easy task for the candidates to write an essay, but with the proper format, it is not difficult.

You need to follow the instructions and your ideas with evidence.

I hope now you are able to write an MBA essay whenever you have to write it with all the above tips. Correct formation of paragraphs and ideas, points of view helps you to write a good essay.



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