All you need to know about the mechanical seal

The mechanical seal is used to seal the entry or exit point of the rotating shaft. The main use of mechanical seals is to prevent the leakage of one high-pressure fluid into a lower pressure fluid. It is mainly used to prevent leakage from the devices which have moving parts such as mixers, compressor, bowlers, and pumps. When a rotating shaft goes through a stationary housing it is likely to contain gas or liquid. Overall, there are three types of mechanical seals which are used in process equipment: Cartridge, Component, and Air.

To fix the mechanical seal first determine the operating length of it then place the gland on a clean area of a workbench with the stuffing box the next step is the installation of a stationary seal face which is done with the secondary sealing member in the gland and last steps is to place the gland gasket in the proper position. The mechanical seals need lubrication, it is the most peculiar thing to users but in reality, it is really very simple. It consists of two lines that have parallel faces sliding past each other.  This is the most common design which is being used for ages to make a mechanical seal.

People wondering about the best face material for their mechanical seal. The lifecycle, reliability, and safety of a mechanical seal are determined by the choice of face materials. To make sure your mechanical seal lasts long one must use high-quality material, the mechanical seal manufacturers are making sure to provide the best and most reliable seals. The main reason for using high-quality material is to make sure that it must be capable of producing a surface that is smooth and flat when lapped.

Whenever a mechanical seal is being prepared the material which is used in making should be and must be dissimilar materials. The one that should be softer compared to the other is the one chosen by the manufacturers. The question of not using two hard materials arises the answer to this question is when we use two hard materials the chances of leakage. When two hard materials are used in making of seal the compromise is to be made because the faces become more sensitive to damage if lubrication is lost.  The main two material which is commonly used in a wide variety of application in making of mechanical seals is tungsten and silicon carbide. These materials have pompousresistance in a higher degree of reliability and longer life service.

The better the material the better the performance will be and the mechanical seal manufacturer is putting all of their efforts into providing the best of their service. Thousands of manufacturers are available in the market but when it is your turn to choose the right mechanical seal you must know about the product. This information about the mechanical seal will help you choose the best one from the market.


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