All You Need to Know About Aesthetics 

Most of the baby boomer generation is now in their aging stages. This has led to advancements in technologies and treatments to enable them to look more youthful. This, together with their increase in disposable income, has led to an influx in this industry. If you are looking for a Brooklyn, NY aesthetician, Park Slope Laser Aesthetic Center is the place to visit.

What is Aesthetics?

This philosophy branch highlights the relationship between the senses and matters of beauty, taste, and art. This is the health and beautification of the skin. This is through various procedures being applied to the epidermal layer of the skin. These procedures are done by trained, licensed specialists known as aestheticians.

Who are Aestheticians?

Aestheticians are health and wellness practitioners licensed by the state through training programs or formal training in aesthetics. They perform procedures that beautify the skin and promote its health, such as peels and waxing. They also educate people on applying skin-care products to their homes and cleansing diets. Aestheticians must complete specific training courses and go through practical and written tests to ensure they get licensed by their respective departments of health or state board of cosmetology.

However, aestheticians are not medical service providers. They are not allowed to diagnose skin conditions, suggest treatment, or prescribe medications for skin conditions that do not involve cosmetic products. Their procedures only apply superficial skin layers and thus cannot inject any injectables.

What procedures do Aestheticians perform?

Some fundamental treatments performed include:

  •         Extractions: Non-inflamed breakouts such as blackspots are manually removed, and blockages of oil and dead skin cells are cleansed. This prevents inflamed blemishes from occurring in the future, and the present improves the texture and looks of your skin.
  •         Microdermabrasion: Fine crystals or a diamond-tipped wand are passed over the skin removing dead cells. A series of treatments improve enlarged pores, minor hyperpigmentation, and the skin becomes softer and more refined.
  •         Facials: A facial involves facial steam, moisturizers, deep cleansing, and the use of exfoliating treatment. A facial massage may also be done with the application of specialty products. Each client’s treatment is uniquely suited depending on their needs or preferences.
  •         Acne Treatments: This is achieved through extractions, exfoliating procedures, and acne products from the pharmacy, enabling clearing of black spots and mild acne. Aestheticians combine the pharmaceutical acne products with their treatments to get the best results. They also advise you on suitable skin-care products to deal with side effects.
  •         Waxing and Hair Removal: Unwanted hair can be removed through tweezing, waxing, threading, and laser hair removal.
  •         Superficial Chemical Peels: An alpha hydroxy acid is used to exfoliate the skin giving it a healthy glow quickly. The peels take a short time, and frequent peels can combat your skin’s aging process.
  •         Airbrush Tanning: An ultra-fine mist of sunless tanning product is sprayed on your skin to get a golden glow that can last for up to two weeks.
  •         Body Wraps, Masks, and Scrubs: These masks and wraps can be applied to your whole body to exfoliate skin and help soften and brighten your skin.

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