Age Healthily and Enjoy Your Golden Years with Geriatric Care Assessment

Finding an exceptional geriatrician is a treasure if you are steadily advancing in age and are searching for a specialist who is familiar with the issues you are facing. The medical expert will help simplify your healthcare, taking time to ensure that you understand your situation and treatment plan. Geriatric care in Gaithersburg provides elderly patients with a holistic focus on their health, helping them age gracefully despite their age-related diseases. Just like kids need pediatricians, elderly patients also need geriatricians to help them live comfortably in their golden years. A significant percentage of the older adults manage different chronic health concerns, juggling several appointments and filling prescription cans with medications to help them manage age-related conditions.  

When should you contact a geriatrician for professional help?

Seeking professional assistance is crucial when:

  • Your family members or those of an elderly patient you know as stressed as caregivers
  • An older person close to you or the care providers have challenges keeping up with the complex treatments. You may also seek professional care for a geriatric patient whose caregiver has problems managing relationships with healthcare providers for the various health concerns affecting the patient.
  • You or your elderly loved one has health concerns causing significant frailty or impairment. Most of the patients in the category are around 75years, living with several diseases and disabilities, including memory loss.

A geriatric professional will evaluate your social, emotional, and medical needs as you age. The team working to ensure your safety also focuses on the different health concerns affecting the elderly, like managing chronic conditions, falls, incontinence, and memory loss. Other signs likely to indicate that you need a geriatric physician include:

  • A diagnosis of age-related conditions
  • Reduced mobility
  • Multiple prescription medications with severe side effects
  • Multiple health conditions
  • Noticeable cognitive impairment

What does a geriatric assessment entail?

A geriatric assessment is a tool used to define the care you need as an elderly patient. The care assessment provides insights into your emotional, psychological, physical, and mental well-being. The report might also include the socioeconomic factors, family involvement, functional ability, living conditions, and other factors likely to influence your overall life quality.

The medical professional will initiate the care assessment on your initial meeting or when he needs more details after an eventuality or a health condition. In other instances, your geriatrician may consult the services of a physical therapist, nutritionist, or social worker to help provide a detailed analysis of your condition and potential issues likely to arise.

After the geriatric assessment, your doctor will know how prepared you are to be self-sufficient as an elderly patient, outlining the help you might need to lead a comfortable life. The evaluation might also include instructions for treating or managing health concerns your geriatrician might have diagnosed during the assessment and follow-up instructions.

Falls are expected with old age because of frailty and lack of balance. Besides the general functional decline, memory loss and forgetfulness are prevalent with old age. Reduced mobility and forgetfulness are warning signs that you need senior care. Seek professional assistance to prevent the stress associated with medical care affecting your mood in your golden years.   


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