Advice Signs That You Chose The incorrect Juicer

So you’ve read about how juice can be useful and you want to get started. It’s so easy to rush to the nearest equipment store and buy the first juicer you see. You might be thinking, “This is a juicer, don’t they all do the same thing?” There you can ask the sellers, but they usually unfortunately don’t know much about the products on their shelves. After you decide on one, you end up going home and imagining what a new experience you will get with your brand new juicer, only to end up frustrated because it is not what you want it to be imagined. You may even want to return your Best Breville Juicer for Celery thinking you bought the wrong one.

What a disappointment! But don’t be too strict with yourself. You are not the first to make this mistake. But are you really sure you bought the wrong one? Compare your juicer against this list here to see if you took the wrong puff or just need a little more practice.

You took a wrong step:

  1. When the juicer you have purchased is not suitable for the fruit or vegetable you have in mind. As you can see, there are different types of juicers. There are juicers especially for citrus fruits, fruits and vegetables (soft: like berries and bananas etc. and hard: coconut, celery, broccoli etc.) and herbs (wheatgrass). You won’t be able to get the maximum amount of juice from a fruit if you have a herb juicer. Either you are giving so little juice that it becomes a problem, or you break your juicer. You can still buy a versatile juicer, but some won’t give you as much performance as a juicer with a specific function.
  2. If you are having trouble cleaning your juicer. It is important to keep your juicer clean after using it. Chances are the pulp will be difficult to remove, so your juicer should have easily removable parts for hard-to-reach areas. There should be a tool with you that you can use to remove these parts, especially the blade.
  3. When it is difficult to wait. Your Best Breville Juicer for Celery should be easy to assemble. It’s one thing to take the juicer apart easily, especially when you need to clean it, but quite another when everything is easy to reassemble.

You should also consider the pulp collector. It should be on the outside of the juicer and have a large opening for easy picking up and cleaning. Some pulp collectors are located in the middle part of the juicer, which means that if the pulp starts to collect, you will need to stop the extraction.

  1. When your juicer is noisy. Of course, you don’t want a juicer that is so loud it looks like something is being slaughtered in your kitchen. Since most people usually use their juicer in the morning, it’s best to buy one that won’t bother everyone around the house.
  2. When the size of the opening (slide) is not large enough. A juicer should save you the hassle of chopping fruits and vegetables into small pieces just to fit in the chute. A large slide also says a lot about its motor, because it can also vacuum large pieces of fruit or vegetables.
  3. When there is a small return. Your juicer should be able to get the most out of your fruits and vegetables. If there can only be a quarter the amount of juice for the size of the food, then it really is the wrong choice. With a bad juicer, you probably need a pound of apples before you can drink a glass of apple juice, and that’s just a mess. You can also tell if any potential juice is being lost when the pulp is still moist and juicy. You need to make sure your juicer is producing dry pulp so you can be sure that juice is not going to waste.
  4. When it takes up too much space. Your juicer (especially for personal home use) should be big enough to get the job done, but also small enough to fit in a small space in your closet or countertop.

The key to choosing the right juicer is convenience. People buy a juicer so they can enjoy fresh juice whenever they want. If the juicer you bought (or are still considering) takes too much work, it might be the wrong one.


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