A short crash course on the best trade show booth designs – The key to excellence

A trade show booth is one of the most effective tools that support your marketing goals. So, ensuring your goals are outlined properly is one of the main steps towards designing your trade show booth. While there are several companies that help you with designing an attractive modular trade show booth but there are a few goals that can be listed below.

  • Boosts brand awareness
  • Generating leads
  • Attracting visitors
  • Generating sales
  • Promoting services and products

You have to ensure communicating clearly your goals of a trade show to your design partner so that he can design the trade show booth around your goals and help you attain your objectives. 

How about your exhibit budget?

Amidst your trade show budget, trade show booths account for 10% of the entire budget. This excluded the space of the trade show booth, which amounts to 30% of the total budget. Here are a few tips to control the costs of designing your trade show exhibit. 

  • Give more priority to features that help in obtaining goals

When you consult the designing process of the trade show booth, you should give more priority to the elements and features that are directly linked with helping you achieve your goals. Eliminate those features that are less important and costlier than the overall objectives of the exhibit. 

  • Allocate the cost of the booth over a predicted lifespan

In order to determine the calculated ROI and potential lifetime cost of the exhibit, you have to get a clear idea of the number of years and number of shows per year for which the exhibit will be used. You can’t forget that the average lifespan of the display hardware of the trade show is around 5 years. In the case of graphics, the average lifetime is around a year. 

Which kind of exhibit is accurate for your brand?

If you ask an experienced exhibitor, exhibiting space can be a costly affair, and whenever you plan to participate in a trade show, you should know the benefits of using up space creatively in order to create a maximum impact. Here are the few trade show exhibit space concerns that you should keep in mind.

  • The trade show exhibit needs to have too much space for both attendees and staffers
  • In case you wish to display the company products, ensure you can fit them all within the space in a comfortable manner without causing clutter
  • Open layouts are usually more attractive for prospects and attendees
  • Small spaces can be given a larger look with hanging structures and archways

When the booth space is effectively used, you can reduce the wait times for the visitors. The clients will probably not linger and speak when they constantly have to juggle space with other visitors. 

Therefore, if you’re interested in participating in a trade show, you should consider all the above-listed factors for designing the best exhibit. Utilize appropriate marketing strategies that help you achieve success. 


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