A Guide to Gemstones and Healing Crystals


Did you know that gemstones and crystals became more popular than diamonds in 2021?

These underdog gems are stepping into the sunlight due to their healing properties and metaphysical benefits.

Are you wanting to incorporate gemstones and healing crystals into your life? Read our guide on how to use them in your own at-home rituals!

Set Your Intention Before You Work With the Crystal

If you are new to crystal healing, it may come as a surprise that most of the work is a mental pursuit. Earth’s crystals and their frequencies are mediums for us to share our energy with.

Your energy may be high and vibrant one day and low and grounding the next day. To balance these energies, consider investing in a crystal with a complimentary energy stream.

If you are anxious then set an intention that will help you ground and surrender to the present moment.

Smokey quartz, for example, is a versatile stone that can balance both frazzled and melancholic frequencies. As an amateur crystal healer, it’s wise to invest in a versatile stone-like Smokey Quartz so that you are able to begin practicing.

Remember, your intentions should always be a balancing solution to your problem, desire, or question. Your complimentary crystal’s frequency can help you have a clear vision of your desired outcome.

Know the Different Types of Healing Crystals

Smokey Quartz is only one of the thousands of gemstones and healing crystals that exist in the world.

If you desire to heal mental trauma, for example, then consider working with a healing crystal like amethyst. If you are hoping to expand your capacity to love then Rose Quartz will be glad to help you.

If desire or relationships are the areas that need assistance in your life then consider working with gemstones like Spinel, the stone of devotion.

Each crystal has its own specialization and elemental association. Understanding their properties and mythologies can give you insight into the power of the crystals that you are working with.

Keep Your Healing Crystals Clean and Refreshed

Crystals are involved in the transference of energy every day. Your healing crystals can interact with the energy of your home, the seasons, and your emotions.

It’s important that cleanse your space and crystals often so that they are able to maintain balance in their frequency.

You can cleanse your healing crystals by placing them in the sunlight, moonlight, and by cleansing them with sacred smoke.

Some, but not all, healing crystals can be cleansed by blessed water in nature or that you have ritually blessed yourself!

Create a Ritual With Your Gemstones and Healing Crystals

Rituals are a dynamic way to set intentions, understand yourself, and heal with your crystals. Rituals can be conducted in a variety of ways that are unique to every individual.

Crystal rituals can be as simple as holding your crystal while you enjoy a brief meditation or as complex as ancient full moon divination.

Combining all of your healing elements adds a level of synchronization to your ritual practice that can manifest greater results. Combine essential oils, poetry, and herbs to your healing crystal ritual for an added layer of potency.

Always Listen to Your Intuition

This guide has taught you how to soak up the wisdom of your gemstones and healing crystals. Now it’s time to intuitively choose the healing crystal for you!

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