6 Skin Care Mistakes Worsening Your Acne

Acne is one of the common skin health problems affecting people of all ages. From teenagers to young adults many people get affected by this common skin problem.

No matter what’s the cause of acne, people are known to use several remedies to get rid of acne. Ranging from herbal remedies to drugstore medications, acne treatment options are endless. Some people benefit from old wives’ methods while others take advantage of medical science progress.

We have a lot of information when it comes to the treatment options for acne, but do you know what is the routine that might be worsening your acne?

I went to a renowned skin doctor in Islamabad who revealed that acne worsening habits are more damaging than acne itself. So, I thought to shed some light on these poor skincare habits that are damaging your skin.

Skin Care Acne Worsening Habits

Some of these acne-worsening habits include;

1- Using harsh skincare products

Washing your face is the first and basic thing in anyone’s skincare routine but you will be amazed knowing that many people do this wrong. How can it go wrong? The type of washing agent you chose for skin damage your acne-prone skin or can make your existing acne worse. You might be using a skin washing agent that is too harsh for your skin. Rather than exfoliating dead skin cells, it might irritate your damaged skin.  

2- Using too many acne medications

There are many over-the-counter acne medications available and depending upon the dermatologist’s recommendation one can make the choice. However, choosing the right medication isn’t enough but applying it is, said a renowned dermatologist from Islamabad skin clinic. No matter how good medication is, the way you apply it makes all the difference.

Certain medications only need to be applied over the affected part while the preventive medications are applied all over the skin. So, applying too much or too little medication could be damaging your acne skin.

3- Sunscreen could be the culprit

Applying sunscreen is a common part of one’s skincare routine. The application of sunscreen can prevent skin from UV damage as well as reduce the chances of skin cancer. However, many people don’t realize how the wrong or poor application of sunscreen can affect your acne breakout.

Too much sunscreen can clog your skin pores, increasing the chances of an acne breakout. On the other hand, not applying sunscreen can cause your skin to produce more oil to compensate for the dryness as a result of sunlight exposure. Thus, you should use a skin screen according to your skin type and its texture.

4- Picking your pimples

Many people find it satisfactory to squeeze the pimple and this is one of the most common causes that make an acne breakout worse. While popping a pimple, you might be spreading the acne-causing bacteria to the areas that weren’t previously exposed to that agent. Moreover, popping a pimple that isn’t ready yet can force the bacteria and oil into deeper layers of the skin resulting in a bigger blemish.

5- Wrong face washing technique

Washing your face is one of the simplest things and all it takes is wetting your skin, applying the cleaner, and rinsing it off. Right? Not always because face washing techniques for acne or acne-prone skin can be different.

For your acne-prone skin, your face washing mistake might include choosing the wrong cleansing agent, washing away the cleanser too quickly even before it acts, or not properly rinsing your face leaving the cleanser behind. A poor face washing practice can make your acne worse making it more problematic.

6- Using makeup wipes to take off your makeup

Most people say it’s a good practice to use makeup wipes to clean your skin. Remember a makeup wipe doesn’t do it all and is unable to clean your skin. If you only rely on makeup wipes to remove your makeup and don’t wash your face afterward, this might be your biggest skincare mistake making your acne worse.

Bottom Line!

Acne is one of the common skin problems that can become worse with poor skincare practices. From choosing the right cleanser to your face washing habits, everything makes a difference to your acne. So, make sure you opt for the right skincare practices while dealing with acne.


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