6 Reasons To Consider Sedation Dentistry In 2022

Sedation dentistry is the practice of using sedatives to help patients relax during procedures that may otherwise cause anxiety or pain. Sedation dentistry has increased over the years as more options have become available for dental patients, allowing them to receive treatment in a safe and comfortable environment with minimal discomfort. Whether you choose oral sedation or IV sedation, your dentist will discuss the best option for you based on your dental care needs and medical history. If you develop anxiety or have fears about visiting a dentist, you may want to consider working with an Irvine sedation dentistry practice. Here are some benefits it has to offer.

Anxiety Relief

Anxiety is one of the most common side effects that keep people from visiting the dentist. They may develop fears about pain or general discomfort, causing some to avoid treatment altogether. Sedation dentistry was designed to help patients with anxiety and similar dental conditions enjoy their visit without worrying how much it will hurt.

Minimal Discomfort

Another problem that keeps people from visiting the dentist is pain. Some people may have high pain tolerance, but others may not be so strong. They may avoid treatment due to past experiences or because they are distressed by the thought of having to feel discomfort during their appointment. When you visit an Irvine sedation dentistry office, you won’t have to feel pain during your procedure.

Recovery Time

Many patients are nervous about needing ample recovery time after a dentist visit. They may be afraid of the side effects, such as nausea or dry mouth, which can leave them bedridden for hours after treatment. Using sedation dentistry will allow you to feel relaxed enough that you won’t need a long recovery time. You may even be able to go about your daily activities as soon as you leave the office, though it is best to have someone else drive you home after treatment.

Anteretrogade Amnesia

People who are nervous about their dental work may be afraid of losing memories if they drift off to sleep during treatment. Luckily, modern sedation dentistry has developed techniques that allow patients to relax without losing consciousness. This type of anesthesia is referred to as anterograde amnesia, and it will enable you to remember everything that happens while you’re under.

Reduced Gag Reflex

Some people feel reflexive gagging when they think about the dentist. This reaction is due to their gag reflex, which kicks in at the sight of anything potentially harmful to them. That’s why sedation dentistry was developed, so patients can get dental care without feeling like they will vomit or choke on anything.

Gives the Dentist More Control

Some patients may not follow the dentist’s instructions during procedures. If they are overwhelmed with fear, they can’t think straight, which causes them to act impulsively. Sedation dentistry allows the dentist to control your procedure and keep you relaxed. Sedation makes it easier for the dentist to monitor you and help you feel better throughout treatment.

In summary, sedation dentistry was developed to help patients with anxiety, fear, or other medical conditions that cause discomfort. It has various benefits, including anxiety relief, minimal pain, minimal recovery time, anterograde amnesia, reduced gag reflex, and more control for the dentist.


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