6 Precious Tips Will Make Your Hair Extension Boxes Viral & Vivid

Hair extensions have gained a lot of popularity in the fashion industry. Women are in love with hair extensions as they help them to try out different hairstyles. If you want to add volume and length to your natural hair then using a hair extension can be a great idea.

Hair extensions are available in a wide variety and are offered by different brands. The market has become competitive and this is the reason why every brand is making efforts to become a success. The hair extensions are fragile and they need to be protected well. Here are some of the tips that can help you to design custom hair extension packaging that stands out in the market.

Unique and creative designs

Hair extension packaging should not be simple and boring. If your packaging doesn’t have an appealing design and style then it can become difficult for you to catch the attention of the customers easily. It is a great idea to add some twists to your packaging and make it different and unique. You can choose unique colors and designs to make your boxes pop out on the busy shelves of the supermarkets.

If you want customers to notice your brand then using unique and innovative designs can help you get noticed in the market. It is recommended to get in touch with the best box designers as they will help you to choose designs according to the latest trends.

Safe packaging with additional security features

Hair extensions are fragile and sensitive products and they can get damaged easily. If you don’t package the hair extensions in a safe box then they can get spoiled easily. The customers will be disappointed to buy hair extensions from brands that sell damaged hair extensions. Your reputation will get damaged badly if you package your hair extensions in poor-quality hair extension packaging boxes.

If you want to satisfy your customers then using the finest quality cardboard material is a great idea. The cardboard boxes are highly durable and are the perfect packaging solution for your hair extensions. It is best to use safety features like custom foam inserts to make your packaging safe and secure.

Custom window cut design feature

If you want to add value and appeal to your hair extensions then packaging and displaying them in an attractive box is the best choice. Custom hair extension packaging boxes designed with a window cut feature will help you to make your box packaging attractive. The window cut design will help the customers to take a lot of the hair extensions without opening the box. The brands also get the chance to display their hair extensions in front of their potential customers. The window cut also helps to make the boxes look more attractive and appealing.

Custom printed boxes with information about hair extensions

If you are not a professional then you might find it hard to fix the hair extensions within your natural hair. People who don’t have any prior experience of using hair extensions can find it difficult to fix the hair extensions. You cannot always to go a salon to get your hair extensions fixed. Ladies who use hair extensions often are looking to buy hair extensions from brands that provide all the information about hair extensions.

The hair extension packaging must have all the information regarding the application of the hair extensions. If you provide every detail about the application of the hair extensions then the customers will prefer to buy hair extensions from your brand. Customers can blend the hair extensions with their natural hair easily if all the information about the product is available in the boxes.

Bright colors and unusual shapes

If you want to make your hair extension packaging boxes unique and attractive then designing your boxes with unusual shapes is a great idea. Designing your boxes in unique shapes will help you to get the attention of the customers easily. Colors schemes used in designing your boxes can also help you to make your packaging stunning and appealing.

Dull packaging can be a turn-off for the customers. It is in the human instinct to get attracted to usual and innovative designs. If you use bright colors to design your packaging boxes then it will help you to make your boxes more attractive and appealing. You can also use unique color combinations to design your boxes.

Focus on your target market

Every product has a targeted market and your custom hair extension packaging should be designed according to the taste of your targeted market. The buyers of hair extensions are females so it is important to design your boxes according to the likes and dislikes of females. You must tailor your packaging boxes according to the interest of the female customers. Many young girls like to use hair extensions so using vibrant and attractive colors to design your packaging is a great idea. Using a simple packaging design with sober colors will help you to attract older ladies.

How can custom packaging help you to market your hair extension brand?

The packaging industry has advanced a lot and new methods and techniques have helped the box manufacturers to design unique and appealing packaging. The hair extension packaging can be customized according to your desires and specifications. Custom boxes can help you to design your boxes in unique shapes, colors, and designs. The customization can help the brands to make their stand out easily.

How can printed custom hair extension packaging help you to market your brand?

Custom printed boxes with your brand’s logo can help you to get noticed in the market easily. The customers might not be able to remember your brand if you don’t have a brand’s logo on the boxes. The distinct and unique company’s logo can be engraved in the minds of the customers. Buyers will return to buy more hair extensions from your brand easily as they can find your brand because of the brand’s logo.

A Printed box can also help to share the contact information of the brand. Hair extension brands can market their brand with the help of printed packaging. Images of the hair extensions can also be printed on the boxes and this will help to allure the customers into buying your hair extensions.


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