6 Best Selections of Logo Makers

This post has collected the best 6 logo makers for those who want to make a logo but don’t want to spend money.

People who have the following problems could read more.

  • Supposed you want to make a logo but don’t know what kind of service to use
  • And if you want to make a logo for free.

Let’s take a look at the free services and points that you would really happy to use.

The best 6 logo makers to use online


The best thing about DesignEvo is that you can create a logo with an icon. If you want to make a logo with an icon, please check if you have a favorite logo. It connects an icon stock that has 1 million searchable icons to apply and edit.

In addition, if you want to fasten your logo design, you can choose from over 10,000 templates, including 34 categories. It is free to use, and you can choose the download format.


Even if you are a designer, when you use this tool, you would find it amazing. It is a function that is comparable to the paid software called Illustrator, which is the software used for everyday design.

You can upload images online, process icons and text, and change the layout. You should no have to worry about your logo looking like any other logo because you can roughly tweak it from the template.

However, on the contrary, if someone other than the designer messes with it because of the high degree of freedom. However, it is functionally wonderful and free to use, so please play with it once.


This tool can change the weight, color, etc., from the type of font for entering characters.

You can also select an icon, but you may wear another logo since it is a silhouette type.

However, when you select a font or icon, this software will automatically write out what the logo will look like when it is used on a business card or website.


It is a famous text-based logo generator. It can be used for free, select a type from various patterns, enter your favorite characters, and it will automatically create a logo. First, look for the logo on this site and see if there is anything you like.


When you enter the company name, the logo will be generated automatically. Low-quality image data is free to download, but if you want to download it in high quality, it costs start from $19.99. If you are not satisfied with the above logo creation service, please select from this site once.


This service will automatically generate it just by entering the name of the logo. The advantage over other services is that the logo file can be saved as a GIF. Use it when you want to create a GIF effect logo.


Above has checked out the services for actually making your own for free. Sounds very powerful? Sure, all these logo makers could help you easily done your jobs with its technical system like DesignEvo, a template-driven, and Logaster, the AI.


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