6 Best Online Payroll Software in 2021

Looking for the best payroll software? We have got you covered. Here’s a list of top 6 payroll software solutions:

1.  Gusto

Gusto is a wonderful option for the small to midsize companies that need payroll to meet the paying requirements of employees. Having this software helps minimize the responsibilities of HR personnel. It comes with different plans with a fully automated payroll service that is suitable for business needs. It is an affordable and good value service, unlimited payroll runs, and comes with paid time off tracking service.

Gusto is the full-service payroll that offers direct deposit or checks to pay the employees. It helps in tracking, filing federal, state, and local taxes automatically. One more feature that makes it exceptional to others is its better plans. You can easily move from the low plan to an expensive plan in four days and offer a direct deposit facility.

2.  Paychex Flex

Paychex Flex is another software that offers more than 160 reports to have a look at taxes, wages, and turnover. It is the best reporting option because it comes with all features that you expect from the payroll software. It offers unlimited payroll runs, including integration and ensures compliance. Moreover, it has different programs like accounting and benefits apps.

The software offers 24/7 support and is very easy to use. Moreover, robust reporting features and HR add-on options. There are many other features that make it easy to set up and utilize its features. Paychex offers automatic submission of state, federal, and local payroll taxes. Moreover, there are plenty of upgrade options that will help your business to grow. For monthly reporting, you can pay a basic fee while for utilizing the other data fields you can pay some extra and enjoy payroll services.

3.  Quickbooks Payroll

Quickbooks Payroll Next in the list of best payroll software 2021. It comes with an easy setup option and it can be automated. It offers contact support and has knowledge base features. You can quickly search online for a multitude of walkthroughs. The easy setup software has an intuitive interface with seamless integration with Quickbooks accounting software.

Quickbooks offers ample resources for customer services and makes the payroll app simple for you. The user can easily pay the employees and make the proper record of the wages and taxes for everyone working in an organization.

4.  Workful

It is newly launched software in the market that has won the competition because of its exclusive features. The app offers top-notch customer support and the best customer service option. The geolocation time clock tracking offers an easy setup and ensures the employee’s clock in and out. Employees can also submit the app and they can get reimbursed in the payroll run.

It is an affordable and easy-to-use service that includes employee expense tracking and offers geolocation features. One more thing that makes the software stand out among the crowd is the document storage feature. The software is known for its fast guidance and understandable customer support.

5.  OnPay

OnPay is a wonderful choice for small business setups. You don’t find any hidden fees and it offers a lot of benefits in your budget. Through the software, you can automate calculations and file the state, federal, and local payroll taxes. You can run and approve payroll each time

OnPay offers an easy-to-use, affordable online payroll solution that’s ideal for small businesses. There are no hidden fees, which is important for a small business on a budget.

The full-service payroll automates calculations and files your federal, state, and local payroll taxes. You’ll still have to run and approve payroll each time. It is easy-to-use and budget-friendly software that can be a breeze for your business as it can manage a lot of paid work for you. Setting the payrolls for employees can be a tough task but with OnPay you can easily manage and keep a record of salaries, taxes and turnovers.

6. Netchex

We have saved the best one for the last. Netchex is essentially payroll software for accountants. However, it can offer a lot more than that. It calculates taxes, helps with recruiting, onboarding and several other management-related tasks. This tool comes with an affordable price tag and fully suits small and mid-sized organizations.

The best feature of this online payroll software is that it can be personalized by different companies. If you’re stuck anywhere, you can contact the customer support services and get instant help.

There you have it! Choose the best among these and make payroll management effortlessly brilliant for your company.


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