5 Ways to Smash Your To-Do List

Want to be more productive with a fixed number of hours in the day. There is a limit to how many responsibilities or jobs you can accomplish – so mention your priorities and achievement of your goals will get focused through a proactive approach. These simple ways to make your day and deal with your tasks will help you smash your to-do list – and make this year your most products.

A practical to-do list sets you off on the right track each day and helps you concentrate on the tasks that are most important to you. With the correct strategies and online offers like DealMeCoupon (which offers thousands of discounts and deals that can reduce your time frame and provide saving opportunities), a to-do list can help you fulfil your tasks to achieve larger goals. Here are a few ideas you need to know to make your to-do list work for you:

  • Set your priorities:

Making a to-do list of including everything you’d like to attain is not productive. It’s usually just overpowering. Focusing on priorities or categorizing tasks helps. For instance, if you have a home list and a worklist, split them into two sub-lists: urgent and non-urgent. The non-urgent list is in progress with stuff that needs to be done, but it’s not serious. The other includes the tasks that need to be done in the next couple of days or hours. It’s best to start with any items that absolutely must get done urgently – these are your most important tasks (MITs). Even if you are successful in starting them today, the MITs will be completed, and you can start fresh tomorrow.

  • Make sensible decision:

Not working on timeframes can set you up for failure. Despite creating a list of everything, you have to do without considering the time frame that it takes can lead to a failure, work out your time. Stop thinking about daily commitments for a while so you can see at a glance; how much time you’ve got to work. If that much detail doesn’t satisfy you, simply go through your to-do list and be sensible about time management regarding each task you do.

  • Organize the schedule:

Write your to-do list first thing (your prior task) or last thing (the work that can be quite helpful to highlight urgent things and then plan your day before you start. Spending time on planning things means you’re working from a place of intention rather than just responding to something that comes up.

  • Strengthen Your Skills:

Be aware of me when you’re at your best and take benefit of it. For instance, manage your tasks according to your energy levels; schedule your complex tasks for the time when your energy level peaks. Some people put their ‘hard’ tasks first on their to-do list and write the mundane tasks at last; for low-energy times. Others prefer to focus on all the little things first and then start focusing on the MITs without any mental distractions.

  • Focus:

This is a highly recommended tip for smashing your to-do list. Focus on one task at a time until it’s complete, Instead of multi-tasking that can create confusion and stress. Any phone call, any email, or any other source of distraction should be avoided so you can work uninterrupted. Try this for few days and watch the improvement in your productivity.

  • Systemise what you can:

Routines, systems, and principles are considerable productivity boosters. If you have usual tasks, focus to complete them without fail. Establish work systems so you don’t need to recreate them again and again. Apply rules and document naming conventions so you will be saved from wasting time in searching for documents. To identify your major time-wasters, follow your time for a certain time frame to record what you do. Then eradicate anything that isn’t productive, systemize your skills and strength, pass on appropriate tasks or combine tasks that overlap.


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