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5 Uses for Used Shipping Containers

5 Uses for Used Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are all the rage these days. No longer are they only used by massive freight companies that bring exported goods from China to the US.

Today, everyday people like you and me can put one of these basic, yet beautiful, containers to work. From temporary storage to a long-term residence, a shipping container can be used in so many different ways.

Plus, for as big and solid as they are, they aren’t very expensive. You can often find used shipping containers for sale, ranging from a few hundred bucks for older ones, to a few thousand bucks for more recent ones.

Sure you’ll need to find a way to transport your container to your property. But companies that specialize in the sale of used shipping containers can often make this easy for you.

So what can you use a shipping container for? Keep reading to discover the best ways to put them to use.

1. Build a Home

Looking for the most innovative use for a shipping container? Using them to build a home is one of the most unique ways to put these to work.

Many people will use just one or two containers to build a tiny home, that maximizes the little space offered by each container. Some artistic architects will even construct a full-sized home using a handful of containers stacked on top of one another.

2. Coffee Shop

Coffee shops built into shipping containers are popping up all the time. From Europe to Asia, creative baristas are putting these to use by filling them with coffee equipment. Some have seating outside the container, while others only offer coffee to go.

3. Business Storage

If your business is undergoing a remodel or major repairs, you may need a place to store equipment and furniture during the process. It’s easy to have a shipping container dropped off at your commercial property. This gives you easy access to all of your stuff when you need it.

4. Use It as a Studio

Everyone wants their own studio at home. Instead of using that spare bedroom in your house, get more creative by putting a shipping container in the backyard and using it for art, music, or even as a home office so you can add some distance between yourself and your ever-present kids.

5. Build a Classroom

In many parts of the world, schools are the exception and not the norm. Using shipping containers, non-profits have begun building classrooms in rural areas out of shipping containers, allowing more kids around the world to receive an education.

Used Shipping Containers for Sale

From individual shipping companies to shipping container resellers, there are plenty of ways to find a shipping container locally and across the US. Click here to learn all about buying shipping containers, so you can begin your next project as soon as possible.

One Box, Hundreds of Ideas

It’s no secret, shipping containers offer a multitude of uses. Now that you know what you can do with these versatile boxes, it’s time to begin your search for used shipping containers for sale.

Let your imagination run wild as you think of what to do with these simple, but incredible objects.

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