5 Unconventional Necklines That You Must Try This Prom Season

Other than design, style and colour, the most important part of an outfit is its neckline. Being an integral part of a dress, it helps to define your frame more prominently. As we all know, prom dance holds a special meaning in every teenagers’ heart. Therefore, shopping for the perfect prom dress that will make you look like a diva in a room full of gorgeous girls is also necessary. 

Like everyone, you can follow the trends and look conventionally stylish on this evening. However, if you want to do something unique and edgy, try out the 5 unconventional necklines that will make a statement this prom season:

  • Ruffled Off-Shoulder

Firstly, ruffled necklines are perfect to give a fullness to your figure. It has a considerable bigger volume from the gathered or pleated fabric at one place and will look amazing in petite frames as well as other body types. On one hand, one can say that this type of neckline is fun and flirty where on the other hand, it is classy and flattering as the off-shoulder displays a wide-open neckline while exposing the shoulders. It must also be mentioned that plus size prom dresses with ruffle off-shoulder necklines are simply perfect for full-figured ladies. Unique prom dresses from designer collections have plenty of similar options for you. 

  • Asymmetrical or One-Shoulder 

This neckline is specifically for the bold queens who are always looking for a rebellious tone in their attire. It continues diagonally from one side to wrap around the chest and leave the other arm empty which is not only sexy but also quite edgy. Over the years, the one shoulder asymmetrical neckline has evolved in different ways. You can find a wide array of unique options in the prom dresses 2021 collection. 

  • Illusion Neckline 

Made from transparent or sheer fabrics such as vintage lace or tulle, illusion necklines are modest and sexy at the same time. It is lined along the topmost half of the bodice till the cleavage above that gives the impression of a strapless neckline but is not in reality. It covers the entire upper half but still makes you look alluring. Moreover, an illusion neckline means there is more room for creativity. Intricate beadwork with shimmering crystals and rhinestones on the fabric can make it seem like your skin is adorned with those beauties. There are different varieties of sexy prom dresses with an illusion neckline that defines your curves of the upper body more prominently. Although these necklines go with every dress, these are usually best with a fitted prom gown to enhance your curves and make you look even sexier.

  •  Strapless Feathered Neckline

This is particularly for women who prefer high-fashion items over anything. If you are a simpleton, this isn’t for you because it is a full-on gorgeous style. Feathers and fringes are usually worn by celebrities during events like award ceremonies, Red Carpet and so on. They are a statement itself.

  • Plunging High Halter Neckline

You’ve heard of the high halter necklines- the ones that are suitable for every event be it casual or formal. This is a sexier version of the same. There is a plunging or straight line cut along the middle line of the bodice that makes you look particularly bold. In case you are not going for too revealing, choose something with a subtle cut-out or sheer fabric at the middle while the neckline is still high and modest.

Go through the Jovani prom dresses, Alyce Paris prom dresses, La Femme prom dresses and Mac Duggal prom dresses to view different unique options with these unconventional necklines. The Prom Queen title that you’ve desired all along will definitely be yours if you make such a powerful fashion statement. 

Happy shopping!



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