5 Things to Consider While Choosing Notary Walnut Creek

The enormous growth of facilities regarding notaries in the US, it has become bit of a task to find the right person for the job because it is estimated that there are more than 4.5 million state-appointed public notaries operating within America. Regardless of the magnitude of service; you want to pick the best notary in vicinity to notarize. Be it an estate, deed, power of attorney or any other document; you can’t risk the legal requirement by going to an underperforming notary. Having the feather of “Certified Public Notary” in one’s cap is not enough. It is quite possible that they don’t fit for your particular needs. This article discusses 5 things to consider for picking a notary.

1. Location

Before you decide to get your documents notarized, it is better to find the whereabouts of public notary. This includes knowing the notary location before agreeing to hire their services. Ideally, you should choose a notary who is within your proximity, so that you don’t the added expense of travelling cost, and you don’t waste any time during commuting. Hiring a notary far away from your location can weigh a lot on your pocket especially if you’re forced to make follow-up meetings. You can find about notaries in your vicinity by doing a quick search on Google Maps or your preferred GPS device.

2. Specialization / Qualification

Before settling on any notary, check out his qualifications. This is to ensure that they are qualified enough to suit to your needs. It should not be difficult because most notaries display their qualifications and their area of expertise on their business cards, website, service description, etc. this will make the selection process easy because you can directly hire a notary based on his specialized field. For example, if you require notarial services for legal documents, you might want to choose someone with an academic or professional background in law. Going to specialized notary reduces the risk of error, and also allows you to have a smooth service because he knows the ins and outs of a field.

3. Cost/Fee

Before making your decision about a notary, always check a public notary’s fee. There is state obligatory fee which every notary charges. However, the additional fee can be due to years of experience, area of specialization, complication of the matter, and so on. Check out the website of Secretary of State for your respective state to have a basic idea about the cost. Of course this is not the actual cost of service, but it can help you make up your mind whether you should go for this specific notary or it is out of your budget.

Mobile notaries can charge an additional “convenience fees” of $40 to $150- which is legally allowed as well. So, be prepared to pay more in case of hiring mobile notary services. so you can expect to pay significantly more for their services. The additional cost is, of course, in addition to the actual cost of service.

4. Association Membership

When selecting a public notary, you might want to check Association membership as well. Various notary associations require their notary members to meet certain requirements. These requirements can involve meeting certain work hours, having specific level of education and trainings. If a notary is member of an esteemed notary association, you can be assured that he is well trained, and meets high level of professionalism.

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5. Communication

One of the major concerns regarding picking a notary is to identify if you can easily reach the notary through phone, email or in-person. If the notary does not respond to your concerns remotely, you may want to look elsewhere for your notarial services. Clearly, you don’t wait to remain tied to one end of the phone trying desperately to reach the notary, in a time of emergency. Professional and seasoned notaries understand the significance of open communication and ensure that they are available to clients in the hour of need.

Final Words

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