5 Simple Secrets for Boosting Codeigniter Framework

Secrets for Boosting Codeigniter Framework

Codeigniter provides a small-sized user guide and collection of codes that make it easier to build applications through PHP. It requires simple and easy configurations so that anyone with basic language understandings can utilize it. codeigniter framework  built-in libraries that are effective for various functionalities. It helps your database to become secure and protective. It provides security to confidential or private data from XSS and CSRF attacks. However, there are some tricks and utilizations that can enhance its features and functionalities. Some of those tips are given below for you to utilize.

SEO-Friendly URLs

The first reason that brands are getting services from top development companies in chicago regarding code igniter is SEO. SEO allows your business website to come on top of results on search engines. It is the way of earning maximum organic traffics and sales. That is why brands are looking for options from which they can get it for their website. In the framework of PHP, it is easy to build an SEO-friendly script for your web pages. Simply you just have to add the URLs of index.php into the URLs of the application. In this way, the code will become easy for you to configure according to search engine optimization requirements. This practice will reduce the usage of plugins and paid functionalities in increasing the SEO factor of your site. It is so simple that you can even write scripts or queries for this addition.

Validate Inputs and Handling Errors

Validation is essential for purifying data. Information and details are the most valuable assets for any web application. Customers or users only utilize an online source when they have trust in its security measures. The first step in making data private is to ask for validation from chicago il codeigniter development company. Do not put any data without validation, or it can affect your present information. Make sure to consider SQL injections for effective data management. Similarly, the handling of code is also an essential part of this framework. Every developer has to deal with errors of different categories. The main thing is that what they do to solve or handle that error. In code igniter, follow the superlative class can help in the handling of errors. For this purpose, functions like Show_404 () and log_message () are effective.

Custom Caching

One of the best things about code igniter is that it allows the developer to cache different pages according to their performance. You can consider cache as short-term memory. During surfing on web browsers, a small amount of your information will remain safe on the server of the site that you are using. Sometimes it can affect the speed of the site when more than a single user is on the server. Custom caching allows you to clear all data that is present on the server temporarily. This will give a boost to the loading time of your application and make it responsive. For that, you can make use of ORM libraries to integrate caching. However, custom caching will also implement customizable features to your application projects. From these libraries, you can hide data for a specific time and give a boost to loading and reloading.

Utilizing Default Application Structure

Code igniter is known for its MVC structure which is easy and effective in handling various web pages. This structure helps your application in separating business logic, data, and presentations. Most businesses are getting codeigniter development chicago services to have a strong connection between view models and databases. MVC structure of this framework can provide beneficial outcomes without taking a lot of effort. It gives the main page and can easily have connections with child pages. You can utilize components in it that are related to your web application. This framework can help you in sending emails, session management, and management of the database. Make sure that you are going with MVC rather than a customizable model. Whenever you work with a business web application, make sure to utilize it. This will help in making a strong and easy flow of information.

JavaScript and CSS libraries

JavaScript is one of the most famous programming languages. It helps in calculating and validating the data of a website or a web application. It has the ability to change both HTML and CSS at the same time. CSS is for the front end of the application. It allows users to enhance the interface of web pages by using different syntaxes. Code igniter is basically a logical use of codes. It does not provide plugins for the appearance or interface. In this regard, adding JavaScript and CSS libraries will help the developer in getting desirable interfaces. It will give varieties of queries and functionalities that can help in enhancing the visual appearance of web pages. Similarly, it will allow you to customize the text, images, footer, header, and body of your presentation according to specific needs.

All of these practices will help you in reducing your code and make it flexible. codeigniter framework makes your code simple and improves its readability. It makes a developer in managing applications effectively. However, the best quality of this framework is that you can easily utilize your code again and again whenever you want. Its features are the reasons why brands are getting custom web development services from utilizing this method.


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