5 Reasons Why Your Business Website Needs A Redesign

Website is the prime tool of organisation in this digitally driven world which deserves the best attention to survive in the competitive industry. Just like we like to give a complete change to our home and office after every few years for giving a completely fresh look, redesigning the website after every 3 to 4 years is necessary for every business. As per many business website designs and Business Experts, there is a strong need of redesigning the website on a timely basis to give a complete makeover to the online presence by a digital marketing agency perth. Below are some aspects which needed to be analysed before redesigning the website.

  1. Target Area: Understanding the website target to outline and understand initiatives, goals, and measures that are needed to be achieved from redesigning.
  2. Auditing the website: Examining the website on various aspects as per industry can help in getting the best results.
  3. Understanding the loopholes: Analysing the website and understanding all the aspects which are required to fill the loopholes.

Reasons which strongly indicate the need for redesigning the website by starting implementing new fresh changes that are crucial for success in the current digital-driven world:

1. When it does not go as per the Brand.

If the website appearance is not aligned with the business core values, venture and tone of voice. It is essential that your website displays the brand from every aspect and communicate the message to the target audience. It facilitates appeal to and maintains leads and prospects, improves business reputation and marketplace visibility and outcomes in better revenue.

2. No Mobile Savvy or Responsive

Today’s websites need to be mobile-friendly as over 50% of visitors use smart phones. If the website doesn’t show on mobile as on a computer screen, it calls for redesigning with immediate effect by taking help of a qualified business website design services. A mobile-friendly website delivers a quality consumer experience enjoy on mobile screens. To effectively run on all big and small screens, there is a need for a website redesign.

3. When it does not compliment your SEO Efforts

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the crucial part of any digital marketing practice. Having quality appearing pages is essential as per the website structure for which taking the consultation of a digital marketing expert is vital for improving the website pages. It becomes crucial for business website design services experts and SEO Experts for doing research on the basis of the industry to see what their competitors are doing and converting visitors to customers.

4. It does not support your business and marketing strategy

A website is the virtual store of an organisation in which everyone wants to be the best. It is imperative for business owners to understand a website is essential for bringing business to the organisation and, hence it should be as per the industry standards. The website should serve as a tool that can be used for business promotion and reaching the dedicated target audience. Business owners require redesigning the website as per the products and services they offer. Customers or clients want to see the appearance of the website as per the business and in case if your website does not go as business and marketing strategy, it is time for redesigning the website.

5. It is slow Responsive

Speed is necessary to stay in the market and a crucial aspect of digital marketing practices. It is vital to understand that customers expect their website to load in less than 2 seconds. Around 40% of customers believe in abandoning the website if it takes more than 3 seconds to respond. As per the Google algorithms, websites that are fast and responsive are ranked better in search engine pages. While redesigning the website, some of the crucial aspects that are needed to be looked at by business website design services experts are:

  1. Using effective Server Resources
  2. Diminishing Unnecessary Bar codes
  3. Optimising Images as per their sizes.


The organisation’s website is a virtual place over the internet and, it should be up to the mark. As the website is a crucial aspect that reflects the brand, it should be redesigned as per the industry guidelines. There is no point of doubt in guessing the fact that website redesign is not less than a calculated business development exercise that requires perfection. It becomes essential for business owners to carefully monitor all the aspects before going for redesigning the website. If you are in Australia, taking the services of web design Perth is a smart investment that can repay with good returns. A technically-driven team can evaluate and analyse with a clear design and strategy that can address the business goals of the organisation in a better way.


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