5 Reasons Why You Should See a Primary Care Physician

Regardless of how healthy you are or your age, there are numerous reasons why you should see a primary care physician. Having a physician as your health ‘home’ provides a sense of security similar to returning to your childhood home. At Oasis Healthcare Service, Inc., you can enjoy exceptional primary care from a staff of physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners. Utilizing their skills in OB/GYN, internal medicine, family medicine, and pediatrics, these providers deliver remarkable treatments and outcomes. Are you still wondering why you should visit a primary care physician and not a general practitioner? Continue reading to learn more.

1)      You Will Stay in Better Shape

Preventive care and chronic illness management are two of the most important advantages of a primary care physician.

Preventive care aids in the prevention of disease and illness. It also enables earlier detection of an illness when it is easier to fix, resulting in better health results. Those who regularly visit their primary care physician are kept up-to-date on vital preventative care, like immunizations, annual exams, and screenings.

Additionally, primary care ensures better control of chronic illnesses like diabetes, hypertension, etc. Regular checks allow you to keep track of any changes in your health and detect any problems sooner. As a result, you are less prone to develop issues that require surgery or hospitalization.

2)      Enjoy Reduced Healthcare Costs

Preventive care is aptly linked to improved health and reduced expenses. Besides, most preventive care services are entirely covered by health insurance, with no copay. With primary care, routine screenings, immunizations, and physicals will probably avoid pricey medicines and care in the future. For instance, your doctor may identify that you possess risk factors for a particular chronic illness. As such, they can devise a strategy to help you manage the risk factors; thus, preventing the occurrence or development of the condition.

3)      Time-Saving

Another advantage of primary care doctors is that they help save time since they may take care of several health issues in a single visit. Whether you want a screening, checkup, vaccination, expert treatment, your specialist got you covered.

Besides, during your primary care appointment, you may raise any concerns regarding your health to your doctor. By capitalizing on your provider’s vast skill set, you could obtain answers to your worries and, in some circumstances, receive therapy without arranging for another appointment.

4)      The Assist You To Navigate The Healthcare System

Though primary care physicians handle numerous acute and chronic diseases, most persons will still require specialized care at some point in their lives. Whether you want to consult a dermatologist or your kid should talk to an allergy specialist, your primary care provider can assist you in finding the right specialist. They will partner with your specialized practitioners to ensure the correct information is given, all tests are done, and nothing is overlooked.

5)      You Will Have A Health Champion And Advisor That You Can Trust

Besides being a healthcare specialist, your primary care physician advocates for your health. The relationship you establish with them could be beneficial in various ways. For starters, your primary care doctor understands your health history and unique concerns. Thus, they can better care for you and manage your overall health. Furthermore, having a close relationship with your provider might make you feel more at ease asking questions and discussing personal information.

Having one point of contact for a more significant part of your healthcare needs is not only convenient but also advantageous. A primary care physician should be your go-to for routine medical treatment. You can count on them when your kid gets seasonal flu or you wish to talk about your contraception options, among other concerns. For top-level care for your unique concerns, call the primary care center in Stone Mountain & Covington, GA, or use the online scheduling tool to make an appointment today.


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