5 Key Services in Primary Health Care

Everyone needs quality primary care for healthy living. It’s your responsibility to guard and maintain your health through practicing healthy lifestyle habits and seeking medical care, including regular check-up visits. Primary medical care serves a critical role in promoting physical, emotional, and social wellbeing. The primary care Upper East Side specialist Daniel P. Klein, MD, and the East Side Primary Medical Care team offer integrated and quality health care to address every health concern. The following are services you can expect at a primary care facility.

Physical exam

Physical exams help evaluate your health, to enhance preventive care. Regular physical check-ups lower your risk for health conditions and complications. It is also helpful in detecting early disease signals, allowing earlier treatment.

A physical exam involves screening for various health issues regarding your gender, age, and overall health. Your provider checks your vital signs during a physical exam, including the following.

  •         Temperature
  •         Blood pressure
  •         Reflexes
  •         Skin condition
  •         Basic neurological function
  •         Breathing
  •         Vision and hearing

Your vital signs records help keep track of your health.

Preventive healthcare

Preventive care protects your health from chronic conditions, promoting your overall wellness. It helps boost your energy levels and performance.

Preventive healthcare assesses your body’s functioning. Your provider performs various health screenings that determine your health status and help in designing a customized treatment plan. Your screening results also tell you what areas to improve on to enhance healthy and quality living.

It’s advisable to have annual health exams to enhance preventive care. More visits are necessary if you have risk factors for chronic diseases.


One thing about primary health care is that it should be convenient. Telemedicine allows you to access your primary care from your convenient location. It involves the use of virtual technology to access health care.

Telemedicine has no time limitations; it’s easily accessible, cost-friendly, and prioritizes your comfort. You receive comprehensive healthcare, including chronic disease management, preventative care, and treatment recommendations.


Diabetes is a common chronic condition affecting people of all ages. It occurs due to high or low blood sugar levels. Proper diabetic care is critical to promoting your life quality and lowering your complications risk.

Diabetes weakens your immune system, making you prone to various health issues, such as:

  •         Stroke
  •         Neuropathy
  •         Foot problems
  •         Heart disease
  •         Eye disease
  •         Kidney damage
  •         Alzheimer’s
  •         Skin conditions
  •         Depression

Proper diabetic management is critical in primary care to ensure healthy living.

Auto accident injuries

Auto accidents are among the most typical causes of disability and even death. They make a critical health impact on your life. Finding medical help after an auto accident can help prevent health complications and save your life.

Consider seeking medical attention for various auto accident injuries, including the following.

  •         Concussion
  •         Head trauma
  •         Fractures
  •         Whiplash
  •         Back injuries
  •         Joint damage

Remember, you need medical evaluation even when you feel fine after an auto accident. Having your seatbelt on all the time prevents you from serious injuries.

Primary health care acts as an essential part of healthy and quality living. It ensures your overall well being. When choosing your primary care provider, always consider convenience, quality, affordability, and accessibility. Call East Side Primary Medical Care today to schedule your appointment or book online.


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