5 interesting facts about hidden halo rings

Hidden halo rings are ruling the internet lately. Social media influencers are commonly seen flaunting the hidden halo on their fingers. It is being seen as the rising trend in the year 2021.

What are hidden halo rings?

 So, for the uninitiated, hidden halo rings are just as the name suggests. They are a different version of the regular halo rings, which are also very popular. They have a larger centre diamond and smaller diamonds not surrounding, but beneath the larger stone; creating a halo but which is hidden. The smaller stones can only be seen upon closer inspection. There are some really interesting facts about hidden halo rings that most of you might not be aware of. Prepare to be enlightened. 

  • Makes the stone look larger

The arrangement of stones in a hidden halo ring I such that it makes the centre stone look larger than it actually is. Since the array of smaller diamonds is settled beneath the centre one, it gives an appearance of having the diamond put up on a literal pedestal. The uplifting effect makes it look much larger than its actual size because of the 3D effect.

  • Any metal looks good with it

Ever wondered if a certain metal of choice might look tacky with a diamond? With the hidden halo ring, you do not have to worry about this at all. Any mix of metals looks elegant with the design because the diamonds and their setting complements the entire look. Having a variety of options is the main reason this ring is so popular. The metals used commonly in a hidden halo ring are gold, silver, platinum and even copper. 

  • Works with any diamond shape

There are no strict rules about hidden halo engagement rings having to use only circular shaped diamonds. The best part about their design is that it works well with absolutely any diamond shape. You can use a regular solitaire or an oval, square, rectangle and even heart shaped one for this design. Since the other smaller stones are beneath and not surrounding the main diamond, there is ample space for a lovely pattern even with odd diamond shapes.

  • Looks uncluttered 

Regular halo rings sometimes look like they have too many stones gathered together in one place, giving it a chaotic look. Hidden halo rings, on the other hand, only show the larger centre stone, while hiding the smaller stones beneath it, giving a much uncluttered look. The arrangement is well spaced out and makes the ring look very neat and organised.

  • Classic with a modern touch

Hidden halo rings are a twist from the original rings, which have a very old history. They are traditional and classic. Hidden halo rings are a slight variety from those. They add a modern and contemporary touch to the old classic.

These and more reasons make hidden halo rings a favourite among both men and women. If you’re looking to buy one for your ceremony, do check out engagement rings Hatton garden for many gorgeous options.


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