5 Incredible Features of the Best Email Organization System

Arguably, most people form a love-hate kinda relationship with their email inbox. However, emails can be an integral element in connecting with clients, making a deal, replacing unnecessary meetings, and starting fun conversations. On the other hand, emails can be frustrating when you lose control. To make them work in your favor, you need the best email organization system.

When Ray Tomlinson invented the email, he probably didn’t know that his invention in 1971 was going to rule the world in future. After decades of the first email system, emails are a reliable, free, and paperless tool for communication, information sharing, and knowledge sharing. 

In 2020, around 306.4 billion emails were sent and received daily. The figure is expected to reach 376.4 billion each day by 2025. 

A survey by Adobe reports that an employee spends an average of three hours a day managing emails, which means more than 15 hours weekly and 20 weeks in a year. These must be scary figures. However, you can limit these hours and decrease them by using an email organization app.

What is an Email Organization App  

As the name suggests, it is an application that helps organize email. From tracking to scheduling, there are multiple things you can do using the app to get rid of a clutter of emails. In addition, the best email organization system comes with a wide range of tools and features to personalize communications and stay organized. 

Features of an Email Organization App 

  • Automatic Email Organization

Organizing emails is a tough, time-consuming task. From prioritizing them to searching for a particular email, there are plenty of things to be taken care of. An effective app offers features to organize email using a range of filters. For example, you can sort emails by clients or transactions.

The automatic organization saves you from the hassle of searching for a particular email. 

  • Smart Folders for Organizations 

When it comes to email organization, the best application manages emails in different folders. These are smart folders that contain emails belonging to a particular client, sender, or a document type. In addition, they work as one-click archives to access and find information quickly. 

  1. Timeline

Using an app’s features, you can add dates to transactions without leaving the inbox. Also, the timeline can be synchronized with Google or Outlook calendar to set reminders and keep track of key dates. The timeline can also be shared with other users for updates. 

  • Access Smart Folders

In addition to creating smart folders to organize emails, the best email organization system allows you to share these folders with other users in the organization. They can access the folders and help you with your processes. 

  • Syncs with Apps

The best application supports and syncs with apps you use to maintain your workflow. For example, it can be integrated with DocuSign for digital signatures, Google Drive for collaboration, and various other applications to smoothen the workflow. 

In the End

An email organization app can help save your time in managing emails. Also, it helps promote collaboration and information sharing to speed up processes and procedures in your organization. Get the best email organization app and harness its powers in the digital world! 









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