5 Home Decor Trends Emerged During Pandemic

2020 hasn’t been fair to any one of us. The Pandemic wreaked havoc in our lives and has changed our lifestyles drastically. Our homes have become multifunctional as professionals are working from home, fitness fanatics are doing their workout indoors, and children are studying online.  

A house is not just a place to live in comfortably but it has now turned out to be our workplace, gym, college, school, and whatnot. To make your living space more flexible for everyone in the family, it’s essential to consider a few home décor trends that came to light during the Pandemic.

To make the toughest times a little easy for homeowners, these décor trends worked wonders.

Let’s take a look at these amazing ideas:

  1.     Sprucing up the outdoor space

Being quarantined for several months, we all desperately missed out on going outside and relishing the beauty of nature. And that is when we thought of decorating our gardens and maintaining them meticulously. Are you lucky to have one? If yes, then utilize this outdoor space to sit with your family and spend a good, quality time with them.

If you are thinking about how to decorate your garden, then you can probably use statues, figurines, garden ornaments, unusual displays, and extraordinary plant collections. A breakout area in offices helped employees to freshen up their exasperated minds. Now, gardens are the new breakout areas wherein you can relax and come back to work with high-octane energy.

  1.     Decorating walls with art prints

When the whole world was confined to the boundaries of homes, people started focusing on the empty walls that looked lifeless and mundane. To enliven the interiors and dress the blank walls up with something striking, many people relied on the humongous collection of canvas art prints available at Bestartdeals. Whether you want a set of 2 wall art or an oversized print reflecting the serenity of nature, you will get everything you desire from this online art studio.

No matter your style, there is a plethora of artistic wall art prints to enhance the aesthetics and make the room look interesting. Just make sure you get expert picture hangers to ensure the art you choose is installed safely but also in the right spot and height for the room.

  1.     Adding indoor plants to ambience

Plants do have a refreshing vibe that creates a positive aura around and makes you feel relaxed. In the stressful days of Pandemic, the arrangement of indoor plants helped people chuck out their anxieties to a great extent. This home décor trend kept people close to nature and replenished their worn out minds. If you haven’t tried it yet, and want to bring tranquility indoors, then having plants is the easiest way to achieve that. They not only  enrich the interiors but also keep the mind calm.

  1.     More comfy furniture

People had all the reasons to feel restless and hapless during Pandemic. But to experience a much-needed comfort and solace, homeowners bought comfy couches, bean bags, and furniture that made them feel cozy and pleasant. This kind of furniture is lightweight and easy to drag from one place to another. Moreover, they are compact in size and do not take more space. They are available in captivating designs and fabric. So, buy them today to make your home look like a luxurious resort.

  1.     Extra storage space

The lockdown days were tough and the need for stocking up the food and other essentials made us realize the importance of storage space. As the kitchen is the heart of any home, we all found it significant to have more storage cabinets and shelves especially in this area of the house. People got more ledges/shelves and cabinets fixed which also makes the space look more organized and spick & span.

As the remote work trends are surging, these décor strategies are here to stay for many more years to come. Bestartdeals is strongly committed to transforming homes by adding the flavor of aesthetics to the bare walls using canvas art prints. Do you want a set of 2 wall art or a 5 piece one? What would look impressive in your living room- an oversized artwork or a multi piece wall art? Here, you need to simply wish, and we will make it work for you. Place an order now!


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