5 Great Gifts for Any Friend

Friends are part of what makes life not just enjoyable, but so worth living! Friendship is a unique kind of love that exists between people that can make anything from school to the workplace, or your favorite outdoor reactions better than they ever could be without. Gifts are a great way to show a friend how much you love them and how you don’t take them for granted.

There are certain gifts that you can always have on hand to give when you think the moment is right. While each friend will be unique, special, and have their own likes and dislikes, these items are fairly universal, but still deeply meaningful. The benefit to always having a gift in the wings is that you can always spoil your friend at the most random of times, but also you have something on hand if your friend needs a little bit of encouragement.

While there will always be the curated big gifts you get your best friends that take a lot of work to find and a lot of thoughtfulness, here are some universally loved ideas you can always have on hand!

1. Everyone Loves a Good Blanket

Let’s be honest, the older we get the better and better a night in sounds. While it’s always a good time to go out on the town with your besties, sometimes staying inside and watching a movie, eating your favorite food, and all from the comfort of your home is just what you really want. That is why a throw blanket is a thoughtful gift that any friend will actually be thankful for.

What’s more, is that a soft, plush blanket is something that can truly be a surprise. It’s a gift that says you thought about them and wanted to give them something that would practically improve their life. Giving the gift of comfort is a wonderful thing to do for a friend. This year, make a surprise throw blanket the gift that you give your friends that they won’t be able to love enough!

2. Candles for the Season

One gift that never goes out of style and that any of your friends will love to use are good quality candles. Candles are incredibly thoughtful gifts that your friends can use to create a more welcoming, relaxing environment in their homes. Candles are a great gift that have a lot of practical use and are a pleasure to use.

3. For the Coffee Lovers

If you have a friend who loves coffee, you know how much this simple drink means to them. While it’s true that coffee addicts may have a problem with drinking too much coffee, the good news is that this is always a great way to show your friends love through a coffee-related gift. The best part about getting your coffee-loving friend a gift is that there are so many different ways to give the gift of coffee.

You could order them a bag of their favorite roast from their favorite roastery, or you could get them a gift card that they won’t pretend to be excited about. Another thoughtful gift is that you can add to their at-home coffee process by getting them something they might not already have. One super accessible gift for coffee lovers is a french press. French press coffee allows people to easily make fresh, delicious coffee in smaller quantities and with better quality than normal drip coffee. What’s more, is that getting your coffee-loving friend a piece of equipment to help better their coffee experience will take your gift to the next level.

4. For the Tea Lover in Your Life

If you have a friend who loves to drink loose-leaf tea, then getting them the gift of tea leaves will always land well. Loose-leaf tea can be expensive and hard to find locally, so make sure and order the good stuff! If you want to get a huge smile out of your tea-loving friends, loose-leaf tea is one of the best ways to go!

5. Essential Oil Diffuser

If you want to give a gift that will surprise your friend, but be something they use every day – get them an essential oil diffuser. The great thing about diffusers is that they come in a variety of sizes. Getting your friend a small diffuser that can fit anywhere in their home and takes little to no maintenance to run will be a gift they didn’t see coming, but one they won’t be able to imagine living without.


While gifts are always such an incredible way of showing the people in your life that you care and love them, always remember that the friendship you have with them is the true gift. Finding ways of letting your friends know that you don’t take them for granted and that you are thankful for them is important, and these are some great gift options that anyone would love.

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