5 Gift ideas for big corporate clients

5 Gift ideas for big corporate clients

Corporate gifting can involve creating a touchpoint through gifts with – prospects, clients or employees. The gift could be an experience or an item and acts as a promotional boost for corporates. These are usually good benefits if a corporate is pursuing a client, but more reasonable if employees are given gifts. This increases chances for business activities and ensures a rise in return on investments. Clients benefit from a well-timed gift and a company can express that the client is valued. It can encourage customers to continue their service or become flagbearers for the brand. Here are 5 gift ideas to impress your corporate clients.
Games or shows
Nothing can beat experiences in terms of gifts, so instead of giving some tangible item, gift that. Tickets for games and shows can be quite expensive and hard to get. These are the things that as corporates, you can source from the organizers. An exclusive event, where either the tickets are hard to get, sold out or super expensive can be a good gift. A lot of companies treat executives from the customer company to sporting events such as basketball, football and baseball games. Some are even known to gift tickets to music concerts to customers.
Gourmet food basket
Food is one thing that brings people closer – usually. This is why we see corporate lunches and dinners being held in posh restaurants and locations. So, if a corporate dinner is too mainstream try gifting gourmet food baskets. Pack up delicious sauces, exclusive condiments and chocolates in a pretty package and have it delivered to your customer. They will definitely love it.
Premium products
Large brands often gift premium products to top officials of their customers. Now, of course, there are some regulations in the business world for gifting and you cannot present Lab diamonds rings or gold bars to them. But you can definitely provide gift vouchers for retailers that handle such products! Luxury watches and premium accessory options are also preferred so that the client representative can be impressed.
Online classes
Today, skills and learning opportunities have also become a means of rewarding and gifting. For example, you could gift a one year’s paid membership for an online fitness class. Depending on the customers’ interests you could provide something that they like.
The top executives from a client company already have all they need. So, in terms of gifting, you want to recognize what they want. It has to be something exclusive to make an impression. And electronics are cool options. An apple watch, kindle, good headphones and even an Ipad could be gifted, with your company’s logo.
The top executives from a client company may not necessarily need gifts because they are paid well enough. However, something like a token can always make a favourable impression. You don’t have to think about getting something outright expensive such as lab grown diamond engagement rings, but something on the premium side will always help at better impressions

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