5 Facts About Shoulder Injuries

Normally, joint problems have been associated with elderly people or serious athletes. However, everybody is at risk of experiencing problems when it comes to shoulders. People of all ages will likely experience shoulder issues at some point in their lifetime due to its unique anatomy. According to Upper Extremity Specialists, the shoulder is prone to injuries since it is the only joint that sits on a moveable platform. Here are five things you should know about shoulder injuries.

1. Shoulder injuries are highly treatable if addressed early

The bottom line of addressing shoulder problems begins early before the injuries escalate. Some of the injuries can be addressed without undergoing surgery. Some of the aims of addressing shoulder injuries are to minimize inflammation, alleviate pain, strengthen muscles and improve range of motion. The sooner you visit a doctor, the better for you to undergo therapies, including physical therapy and anti-inflammatory medications. However, many people will ignore their shoulder pain and seek medication when it’s too late, making the treatment longer than it would have taken if you had sought early treatment.

2. The problem is often the rotator cuff

Most people experience rotator cuff tears as the most common cause of shoulder pain and disability. Some of the injuries and disorders causing the shoulder include a fracture, tendonitis, and osteoarthritis. You can injure your rotator cuff in case of a fall from a height or due to repetitive overuse. Nonsurgical treatment can help people with a rotator cuff tear relieve their pain and improve their shoulder functioning. The doctor may recommend some ways to relieve pain that include rest, activity modification, anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy, and steroid injections. If the pain persists, surgery is the ideal remedy for the torn rotator cuff.

3. Disturbed sleep can exacerbate shoulder pain

It becomes difficult to position yourself while sleeping when you have shoulder pain. Sleep disturbance often causes one to seek medical help. Trying to locate the ideal position is always challenging since the shoulder must be involved. The doctors have proved that disturbed sleep exacerbates pain. The pain and lack of sleep will lead you to the doctor.

4. Exercise can help — and hurt — your shoulders

Exercise is good when you do it for the right reasons. However, it can also cause more problems to your shoulder if you overdo it. Therefore, it is important to practice safe and good exercise that keeps you strong and flexible without causing any harm or strain to your shoulders.

5. Shoulder joint replacement is safe and effective

When the shoulder injury becomes severe, a replacement is always ideal to end the pain. It is the best way to relieve pain and restore your shoulder function. People with serious shoulder injuries that occur due to problems such as osteoarthritis can have a successful shoulder joint replacement to end their shoulder pain.

Shoulder injuries can hinder you from carrying out your routine duties. Many of the functions that people undertake involve using the shoulder, including carrying heavy objects and providing the body with stability. Therefore, having shoulder pain is normal, but getting the right facility for treatment may not be easy. That is where Ortho 1 Medical Group comes in. You can begin by booking an online consultation with the specialists or calling their office today and enjoy a journey of transformation.


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