5 Cosmetic Dentistry Myths Likely to Hold You Back from the Treatment

Have you ever felt so conscious about your smile that you would never smile with your teeth in public? Well, you are not alone. Anyone uncomfortable with his smile will be careful with every grin he throws at someone in public, preferring to convert it into a tightly sealed lip smile. Despite the embarrassment, not everyone feels comfortable talking to their dentist about cosmetic dentistry, either because the ideal candidates fear that the treatments might fail or due to the misconceptions surrounding the procedures. Ardsley Cosmetic Dentist Hinna Chaudhry asserts that most of the myths surrounding cosmetic dentistry have roots in the long history of the treatment.

Unfortunately, most of the misconceptions might hold you back, preventing you from converting your tight-lipped smile to a huge beautiful smile, showing off your perfectly aligned pearly whites. Some of the myths lingering around the wide range of treatments include:


1. The treatments might weaken your teeth

Though having a healthy smile is the goal of cosmetic dentistry, your dentist will not sacrifice your healthy teeth or a tooth’s strength for a flawless look. Thus, you must discuss your goals with the medical professional about the specific treatment beforehand. The dental expert will advise you on the treatment, telling you if it is befitting your situation.


2. Your results might look fake

The myth would hold water in the past during the introduction of the processes. However, technological advancements have made it possible for the treatments to look natural. For instance, the porcelain materials most dentists use during treatments, like dental crowns, will give your teeth a natural look, making it hard for other people to note the difference. The best part of using porcelain is that the materials come in different shades, making it easy for your dentist to match the prosthetics to your teeth.


3. Cosmetic dentistry is costly

A common misconception is that only celebrities can afford the treatments due to the expenses. Cosmetic dentistry can only be costly in a few instances, like when an individual needs an entire set of reconstructive implants for the upper and lower jaws. However, technological advancements in procedures and materials make the treatments more affordable than before. Additionally, the far instances between processes allow patients to accumulate funds for subsequent treatments.


4. Cosmetic dentistry entails complex procedures

When imagining cosmetic dentistry, you might picture anesthesia, implanting false teeth, crowns and veneers. Though the treatments are part of cosmetic dentistry, your dentist will also handle several other smaller and painless procedures that will not get you worrying about anesthesia. Minor procedures you might have include teeth whitening, bonding, and fixing a broken tooth. Since you might not need anesthesia with the minor procedures, you will bounce back to everyday life after the hospital visit.


5. The treatments are only cosmetic

Cosmetic dentistry is not only about improving your appearance. The treatments enhance your overall well-being, starting from your smile. For instance, a correct alignment will minimize overbites and underbites, allowing you to enjoy your favorite meals.

The world needs to see your dazzling smile. Thus, you do not need to lip-seal your smile because of misshapen teeth or a gummy smile. Call your dentist to know how cosmetic dentistry might help you share your beautiful smile with everyone.  


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