5 Amazing Reasons to Use Open Source Intranet Platform

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Over the years, intranets have evolved to become a flexible, centralized platform that enables authorized users to communicate with their peers, share information, and collaborate in real-time. Apart from that, you can customize an intranet to suit your organization’s structure and workflows.  

When it comes to encouraging employees to use the intranet, an open source intranet platform engages authorized members and offers them many benefits. 

  • Flexibility to Accommodate Corporate Culture

One of the hardest parts of creating a successful intranet is making it friendly for employees. In addition, it should reflect your company’s culture. It can be challenging since a company has multiple departments, and employees in different departments may have different expectations from an intranet. 

An open source intranet allows you to control how users share content over the platform. Also, you get the freedom to customize the design of your company intranet to make it match your company’s culture. 

  • Extended Functionality

Initial versions of the intranet failed because they were more management-centric than employee-centric. They promoted one-way communication, where only managers or the top -level management used the intranet to pass information. 

However, the intranet has evolved to become an internal communication software that powers two-way communication. Both employees and managers use the platform for communication, document sharing, and real-time collaboration. 

Using various features of the intranet, authorized members can create real-time content and share it with others. Also, they can access and edit documents stored over the network by other members of the organization. 

  • Ability to Integrate with Existing Workflow

One of the common reasons employees hesitate to involve intranet in their daily work routine is that they think they require extra time and effort. Earlier, employees had to spend days and even weeks learning how to use and incorporate the platform in their work lives. 

The modern intranet content management system is easy to launch and use. Apart from that, you can customize it to make it integrate with your organization’s existing workflow. 

For example, your employees can use the software’s features to communicate, share information, and collaborate in one place. Also, they don’t need special training to know how the intranet works.

  • Powerful Search

As per a McKinsey report, an employee, on average, spends 1.8 hours daily searching and collecting information.  An open source intranet platform shortens  the research by providing employees with a centralized place  to store documents and access files saved by others. 

Also, employees can use the search feature to look for information they need for their tasks quickly. The platform enables users to search for documents using the file name, owners, and other attributes.

  • Easy to Launch and Manage

Of course you don’t have time to lose on understanding a software solution and arranging training sessions to tell employees about it. An intranet platform becomes an easy-to-implement tool that empowers your organization’s content creators. It provides user-friendly content management and an environment where employees consider the intranet part of their work.  


An open source intranet platform helps keep employees informed and reduces their workload.Thanks to this solution, authorized people of your organization can communicate, share information, and work together as one team. 



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