4 Surefire Signs You Should Consult A Foot & Ankle Specialist

Foot and ankle discomfort could be challenging to manage, particularly when you spend so much of your time on your feet. Whereas many persons choose to suffer in silence, it is always advisable to seek medical advice at the first indication of discomfort or pain. For many persons, this implies visiting their primary care physician, but when must you seek treatment from a New York foot and ankle specialist? For numerous concerns, beginning with your primary physician is a terrific place to begin, but for specific foot and ankle disorders, it might be best to see a foot and ankle specialist right away. Continue reading to learn more.

Here are some of the signs you should consult your foot and ankle specialist:

1) You Suffer From Chronic Ankle And Foot Pain

Chronic ankle and foot discomfort, which is usually the outcome of trauma or an inherent concern, can last for months or years without therapy. Although it might be tempting to ‘push through it,’ chronic discomfort can worsen with time if a specialist does not manage the underlying concern.

2) Your Pain Results In Walking Difficulties

 Whether your discomfort is due to a foot or ankle trauma or a disorder such as plantar fasciitis, it should be addressed as quickly as feasible. Concerns that generate discomfort enough to make you limp or even make standing up difficult might progress to more serious problems, such as back and hip pain. The more you put up with these difficulties, the more harm you may be inflicting to your body, including aggravating the initial trauma or condition; hence, it is best to consult a specialist to explore your treatment options.

3) You Are Struggling With Lingering Heel Pain

When left untreated, heel pain and disorders such as plantar fasciitis may trigger significant concerns. For instance, plantar fasciitis is a degenerative condition that could go away for a short time before reappearing and worsening over time. Taking into account that this heel discomfort could result from a range of conditions or injuries, it is best to talk to a foot and ankle specialist. Not only will your doctor address the prevailing symptoms, but also identify the inherent cause of concern and suggest the right solutions to manage your condition from its source.

4)  You Have infections Corns, Blisters, and Bunions

Foot developments such as corns, blisters, and bunions are pretty prevalent, especially in persons who spend a lot of time on their feet. If left untreated, these foot concerns will not go away on their own. Instead, they can develop into something considerably worse.

If you are concerned about a foot infection, you should consult a foot and ankle specialist right away. Infections may extend and result in further complications if not managed promptly.

Your feet play a huge role in your physical health and overall wellness, and understandably so. From walking to the washroom to visiting the grocery store or doing your morning run, you need your feet. As a result, any foot concern, no matter how mild it might seem, necessitates proper attention to prevent it from developing more significant complications. At Flex Foot and Ankle PLLC, foot and ankle specialist Dr. Elynor Giannin Perez offers solutions to common foot and ankle concerns, including arthritis, flat feet, bunions, Achilles tendinitis, fractures, heel pain, and many more. For an accurate diagnosis and professional care for your foot concerns, schedule a consultation through mobile or request online today.


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